Praying Hands Tattoos

There are literally millions of tattoos decorating the bodies of humans across the globe. Tattoos are a very personal expression of self and people get them for a variety of reasons. Because they are obviously permanent, a great deal of thought and reflection needs to go into each one before you go under the needle! Religious faith is often expressed through body art and one of the most popular symbols for this is a set of praying hands tattoos. Praying hands tattoos are just a few of the large number of religious symbols that have been adopted as tattoos, and they signify something more than just a simple act of belief. Hands joined for praying needs neither any description nor explanation. One can easily associate it with religion and spirituality. Prayer is considered as a sacred practice, and hence, a praying hand tattoo can be inscribed to portray the person’s religious beliefs and attitude. However, one may not be aware, but, this tattoo is inspired from one of the most famous paintings in the world, ‘The Praying Hands’ by Albrecht Durer. Several replicas of this masterpiece can be found in various parts of the world today. The legend behind this painting and consequently the tattoo is quite interesting.

Because prayer is a personal and spiritual practice, any idea for a praying hand tattoo can be relevant to the person getting it. Below are few ideas of praying hand tattoos.

Dog Tag; People often get tattoos to express love for friends, family and significant others. Dog tag tattoos, also known as meat tags, are a popular choice for those in the armed forces. Incorporate a dog tag into your praying hands tattoo to show your support and love for someone in the military. Ink yourself with a pair of praying hands holding a dog tag on a chain much like rosary beads. Consider getting the name and/or birth date of the person your tattoo is dedicated to engraved on the dog tag.

Object of Prayer; Praying hands represent faith, pledging devotion to a higher power and asking for aid in times of need. Ink yourself with a praying hand tattoo that incorporates images of ideas and people that you pray for. For example, if you pray for peace on Earth, get a tattoo of praying hands next to an image of the globe. Get a praying hand tattoo with images of your family to ask for guidance and love in their lives. If the object of your prayer is something very personal, get the tattoo on a body part not readily visibly to the public.

Religion, as you may have noticed, is a sensitive issue. The reasons for this are plentiful, and not offending another person’s sentiments is very important. But at the same time this cannot be done at the cost of compromising your own values and belief. If you feel that praying hands depict your emotions accurately, go ahead and get it by all means and don’t worry about the potential reactions from people.  Also, with all the praying hands tattoos out there, it can be daunting when deciding which one is right for you. Take your time! There are hundreds and hundreds of designs online. Make sure the tattoo artist you choose is familiar with the detail and complexity of the human hand. Ask questions and always look at samples of his or her previous work. If you do your research, you’ll end up with a tattoo you can treasure for the rest of your life.