Ponchos were around last winter but this winter it looks like they will be even more on trend. A poncho is an outerwear garment that provides warmth and protection from the elements. It keeps you really snug and warm and fits over the chunkiest of jumpers for a fashionable take on a classic look. Ponchos have come in and out of fashion over the decades with the sixties and seventies have their own versions. It is perhaps because of this retro revival that we are seeing so many ponchos on the catwalk for winter 2010 but it also fits in well with the whole winter sport or arctic trend. In appearance, the poncho resembles a rectangle-shaped blanket with an opening for the head. They hang loosely from the body and come on and off very easily. Ponchos have no sleeves, but do have a hood to cover your head. These ponchos are worn throughout the world and are integrated into many cultures and fashions. A poncho is the perfect cover up for a cold day.

Over the course of fashion history, many modifications have been made to the original poncho design. The shape of a poncho can range from the traditional rectangle or square to round, diamond or zigzag. Some ponchos cinch at the waist with a belt or drawstring, giving them a more shapely look. Many ponchos now have two pockets at the side or one large pocket in the front. Once used for only practical purposes, contemporary ponchos make bold fashion statements. Whether people choose silky, sheer, or embroidered ethnic style, the ponchos can be adapted for all sizes and all occasions. For women, your fashion poncho can be thrown over a pair of jeans, casual look, or dress it up with a glittery brooch over your favorite little black dress for night time style. The hot fashion trend straight from the catwalk was the shabby-chic boho-style fashion poncho, ornamented with embroidery, beads and sparkles. Or the casually elegant cashmere poncho, perfect with your favorite jeans. Ponchos also come short and long this season. Also featured were longer, asymmetrical fashion ponchos in a rainbow-bright display of colors and patterns.

Ponchos are often worn as a light spring or fall jacket. They go on and come off just as easy as a jacket and can be just as comfortable. Most ponchos do not have armholes, and this can get in the way if you are trying to do chores around the house, but nevertheless they are still great to have in the every-day closet. Ponchos are excellent to wear in the winter time when the weather is cold. They are perfect for cuddling underneath while reading a book, crocheting, enjoying a hot cup of tea, while sitting in front of the computer, or when just lounging around the house. Ponchos can be sewn, knit, or crocheted. There are many patterns available for anyone to easily make their own. Lastly, you can keep the poncho on and wear the dress on its own during a different occasion – you’ll get twice the wardrobe without the effort.