Plus Size Winter Coats for Women

A winter coat is an investment. If you keep it well, it should last at least a few seasons. Therefore, it’s more important to buy something that suits your climate’s needs, answers your personal requirements and looks good, rather than trying to find something cheap. While boots may wear out, thanks to snow, slush and salt, a properly maintained coat will usually hold up for years. This is why you can find such an array of amazing vintage coats available on eBay and other online vintage sources – and many of them are plus size! As with shopping for a dress, you need to know your body type before you start shopping for a coat. Understanding whether you are an apple or a pear shape will help you choose a flattering plus size winter coat.

Most of your best deals on plus size winter coats will be found online. This is especially true if you are interested in a vintage coat. However, when it comes to buying something that you can’t try on first and can’t return, you have to prepare yourself for a purchase that may need to be resold. When buying on a vintage site or eBay, it’s not enough, even with a modern plus size winter coat, to get a size – you also need exact measurements in the shoulder, bust, waist and sleeves. As all women know, size will vary from maker to maker, and even designations such as Small, Medium or Large can be frustratingly misleading. Coats are tricky because you need to be sure they fit over your bulkiest outfits with ease. You don’t want tightness under the arms, behind the shoulders or across the bust.

You also want to be sure the sleeves fall to below your wrist bones – the only exception being with coats from the 1950s and 1960s, when sleeves were shorter because long gloves were all the rage. This sort of vintage coat can be a lot of fun to wear and since the cut was often in a swing style, it goes easily over most things and is flattering (although some less well-cut coats might end up looking like a tent). But if you are in a chilly climate, you will have to invest in a pair of thick, well-lined gloves that come at least halfway up your arms.

Trying to find plus size winter coats for women? Check out one of these five stores.

JcPenny is where to find plus size winter coats for women who are conservative. They have cold weather gear for various occasions in classic cuts and the basic colors you’d find in a small box of Crayolas. Prices are moderate. If you want to stay warm and away from trendy coats that’ll go out of style by next year, visit them.

Roamans is a plus-size retailer that caters to the over 30 crowd. Patronize them for classic gear you can wear to a professional job and church. They specialize in parkas, fleece jackets and raincoats. Most are mid to floor length and excellent for covering up a pants suit or dress. Get on their mailing list and receive magazines and discounts through the mail.

The Avenue is where to find plus size winter coats for women who adore short jackets. From bombers to peacoats, you can find the perfect outerwear for your jeans and casual pants. Your ‘picks’ will (on average) cost between $65 to $175 with tax and be best for mild weather. In addition, merchandise at this store comes in many colors that satisfy both youthful and mature customers.

Lane Bryant is a well-known store that attracts young, voluptuous women. They always seem to have fashion-forward clothing that females under 25 like to wear. In regards to winter gear, they offer items that support their reputation. Although their selection is limited, you can find youth-oriented coats such as a metallic crinkle, moto jacket and a stadium hooded jacket. Just as with their rival, The Avenue, their coats aren’t meant for sub-zero temperatures, but will do fine for a first date involving a short walk near a pier.

Burlington Coat Factory is where to find plus size winter coats for women that ski and camp out in the snow. You can also find short, medium and long coats with designer names at a discount for milder temperatures. This store promotes sizes from 1x to 3x and carriers a variety of styles and colors. Patronize them when you need to buy for the entire family and don’t want to make several stops.

Plus Size Winter Coats Pictures

For many plus-sized women, the urge to hide their bodies has been strong since at least the teenage years, and may have even been subtly encouraged by friends and family members. But now that you’re a stylish adult, you want to look great even on bitterly cold days. Your coat is the first thing people will notice, so it should reflect your fashion sense. A long, body-skimming coat will give you a slimmer appearance and is elegant to wear. If you prefer a shorter coat, you should still consider a sleek fit – you may be surprised to see how flattering it is!