Plus Size Swimsuits for Women

For plus-sized ladies in particular, swimsuit shopping might seem like an even more overwhelming task; the selection of plus size swimsuits that are both flattering and attractive is thin. In fact, many plus-sized women avoid any summer beach and pool activities because their department store bathing suit selection is often filled with ill-fitting fabrics and drab-colored beachwear. Thanks to the development of more well-constructed and glamorous swimwear options, a bevy of beautiful swimwear is now available to fit and flatter plus-sized swimsuit shoppers of all shapes and sizes. There are a certain factors that you need to consider while buying slimming swimsuits if you are plus size. First of all, you need to consider the purpose for which you will be wearing a swimsuit, as it will dominate the choice of fabric and style. If you are going to wear it for water aerobics or other activities in a swimming pool, then you would like to go for a fabric that is chlorine resistant. Moreover, you would also need a fabric that does not come in the way of your activity. A fabric that offers a complete freedom of movement is ideal in that case. Fabrics like cotton tend to fade away in chlorinated water whereas, fabrics like latex lose their elasticity in few days, resulting in unsightly bulges at odd places.

Plus size swimsuits often come in one piece in order to hide stomachs, but two-piece options exist as well. Many plus-sized women opt for a tankini, which is a two-piece bathing suit that has the coverage of a one-piece. Tankinis allow for a better fit for women who are sized differently up top and on bottom, but don’t want as much exposure as some women. Swimsuits in a retro style, with more thigh coverage and a sweetheart neckline, prove flattering for numerous body types. Bathing suits with an attached skirt work well for women who want to cover up their thighs There are five distinct types of bathing suits available for plus-sized women: tankinis, skirted swimwear, shortinis, blouson tops and one-piece swimwear. A tankini substitutes the standard bikini top with a tank top. A skirted swimsuit is a one-piece bathing suit with a piece of fabric attached that resembles a short skirt. Shortinis are the distant cousins of tankinis. Rather than pairing a bikini bottom with a tanked top bathing suit, shorts are worn instead. Blouson topped swimwear have large flowing tops attached to the top of one-piece bathing suits. Swimsuits are constructed from Lycra, nylon and polyester blends.

When you want to buy plus sized swimsuits, you have two option; Online or Retailers. Online stores are good sources for plus size swimsuits. They offer many styles and colors and allow you to shop in the privacy of your own home.  The only drawback to ordering online is that you cannot try on the swimsuit before you order it, or it may look different when you actually see it than it does on the website. For this reason, familiarize yourself with the online store’s return policy so you can return the suit if it does not fit or if you are not satisfied with it. Many online stores that also have brick-and-mortar locations, such as Avenue, allow you to return items to your local store instead of shipping them back to the online warehouse. Or you can go buy plus size swimsuits at retailers/departement stores. Many department stores, such as JCPenney and Sears, have sections in the women’s department dedicated to the plus-size buyer and feature swimsuits during the summer season. Some specialty stores cater solely to plus-size women, and they usually carry swimsuits. The good thing about shopping at a conventional retail store is that you can try the swimsuit on before you purchase it. It’s okay when you surf the styles of plus size swimsuits in internet before you decide to purchase. See the details, such prices, fabrics, etc.
Happy Swimming! 🙂