Plus Size Ski Wear

Skiing is one of the most exciting adventure sports and enjoyed by many. Depending on where you live, your experience level and if you like to travel, you can find open slopes pretty much any time you want. Resorts in the United States, Europe and Canada offer fresh powdery slopes and trails just about every day of the year, although many more are open during the winter months. And yet, just because you are a full-figured gal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the slopes;so put on some plus size ski wear and have a good time!

One of the best sites for plus size ski wear is Junonia. They specialize in high-quality clothing for active women. You can shop for plus size ski clothes broken down by jackets and pants. You might also shop the other cold-weather clothing categories, such as fleece tops and vests and base-layer warmth, for items that will also be of use while you’re on the mountain.

And another excellent site for plus size ski wear is Beautiful Skier, which specializes solely in great ski gear for both plus size men and women. They have a good basic selection of pants and jackets ideal for both skiing and snowboarding, as well as fun stuff to wear around the lodge and silk underwear for a comfortable base layer. Their inventory changes frequently, so if you see something there you like, it’s best to buy it at once. You can also arrange for a custom knit sweater to add some unique flair.

Example Plus Size Ski Wear for Fuller-Figure Women

Besides two awesome plus size ski wear sites above, there is plenty another sites on internet that provides some adorable plus size ski wears that can keep you warm and comfortable as well as stylish on the slopes all winter long! Choose with great fit and quality in mind, so that you can enjoy your time on the slopes in complete comfort. Have a good time! 🙂