Plus Size Nursing Pajamas

What makes nursing pajamas different from other pajamas? The main feature is being able to easily access the breast for feeding without undressing. There are slits in the top at breast level that either flap or button over when not nursing. While pajama tops that button up can be used for nursing tops, you still have to undo several buttons and expose the top of your chest, which you don’t have to do with nursing pajamas.  Today, a number of talented designers and some of the finest textile mills across the globe cater to the requirements of first-time and new moms.

There are special pajamas custom-designed to offer the new-mom superior comfort that is most necessary when nursing the new-born.  Don’t think that plus size nursing pajamas have to be frumpy, even for new mothers. There are some offerings available that are soft, pretty and feminine. They’ll make you feel like the beautiful mom you are while feeding your baby.

  1. Pajamagram has several styles of nursing pajamas in a range of sizes, including those for the full-figured woman. This pants and top set comes in a soothing lavender color with green ribbon and white polka dot accents. You can wear these pajamas anytime, but they’re perfect for nursing with their discreet shoulder buttons.
  2. You’ll be one hot mama in a chic cami and pants set. The top has built-in support and adjustable shoulder straps which unsnap when your baby is ready to eat.
  3. A pretty white nightgown from Motherwear has eyelet details and comes in 100% cotton for ultimate comfort. The empire top lifts for easy nursing when you have to get up for a 4 a.m. feeding or for a special, cozy bonding session anytime.

Your primary concern when choosing plus size nursing pajamas should be comfort, followed by style. You may be asking if there are still other intents for wearing pajamas. Yes, there are! Do you recognise that these days, pajamas are not just for sleeping anymore? Pajamas are also considered as nursing scrub and uniform. So, if you are looking for pajamas for this purpose, then you must not neglect the style. As a professional, you must recognise which style ought to be employed on bed and which style is suitable at work. Again, this is at your own disposition so you need to have a good judgment for this one. Many of the designs you’ll find are in soft fabrics such as cotton, which will be soft next to yours and your baby’s delicate skin. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function, however; there are plenty of pajama styles that are not only functional, but pretty enough to lounge around in.

These plus size nursing pajamas can often be worn throughout your pregnancy and after your newborn arrives; the slits for nursing are so discreet that you might be the only one who knows you’re wearing sleepwear especially for making breastfeeding convenient and enjoyable.