Plus Size Hallowen Costumes for Women

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people; no other holiday allows you to dress up anyway you like and eat unhealthy snacks guilt-free. Today, plus-size Halloween costumes for women are just as diverse as any other size. Whether you want to be sexy, scary, or silly, you’ll find a large selection of costumes in your size. In recent years, the selection and quality of plus-sized costumes for women has improved dramatically. Many costume shops, both online and physical, offer entire sections of plus-sized Hallowen costumes for women. For the ideas of women’s plus size Halloween, you can find it at the next paragraph.

For unique look you can go for a bunch of grapes costume. Blow up several purple balloons and tie them off at the end. Wear a purple sweatsuit. Have someone help you safety pin the purple balloons all over your sweatsuit. Put the balloons as close to each other as possible. This will take several balloons, so prepare ahead of time. Wear a sign around your neck that say’s “Bunch of Grapes” to keep others from guessing. Or dressing up as Raggedy Ann for Halloween can make you feel as cute as a button. Many places offer Raggedy Ann costumes in a variety of sizes. However, if you want to make your own, search for a solid blue dress. The sleeves should be puffed out at the shoulders, and the end of the dress should hit right above the knee. Wear a white apron over the top of the dress. Don’t forget the red and white stripped stockings and black shoes. Paint large red circles on your cheeks and carry around an Andy doll. Another plus size Halloween costumes for women; you can go with pirates and stuff. Pirate wenches are curvy and buxom, and pirate men are big and burly, so this one is an easy pick. All a man needs are breeches and a white shirt, a sash on the waist and a black vest. If you have leather boots all the better, and get yourself a hat worthy of a pirate from a costume shop. For a woman: a big swirling gypsy skirt, a wench blouse and maybe a cinch waist leather corset are all the proper pirate wench needs.

For elegant look, the beauty queen/renaissance costumes can be your option. The beauty queen look is a costume option for plus size women.The beauty queen costume shows that you embrace your fuller figure, even though you may not look like the ideal version of a beauty queen. Pick a formal dress, or use an old bridesmaid’s dress. Because many of these features are characteristic of Renaissance attire, plus size Renaissance costumes a natural choice for generous sizes without making obvious changes to the costume’s design or appearance. Renaissance costumes are also suitable as maternity costumes and can easily be adapted to be worn after pregnancy, and the highly adjustable nature of these costumes makes them ideal for anyone whose size may fluctuate.

For an easier plus size costumes, women can try with ghost/gypsy or pregnant nun. For the ghost costumes, take an old white bed sheet, and fold it in half at the center point halfway along the length. Draw a spooky face in the center of the sheet on one side of the fold with a black marker pen, adding eyes and a mouth. Dress in white or light-colored clothes. Put the sheet over your head, with the face covering yours, and drape the sheet out over your arms. To purchase the plus size Halloween costumes for women, they can find it at any party store or Halloween specialty store for Halloween costumes; these stores typically have more costumes to choose from than regular retailers. If you want to buy online, then buy a plus-sized costume on a Halloween costume website such as or These websites allow you to search for costumes by size, and have a category for plus-sized women for you to choose from.  Plus size Halloween costumes are elaborate and fun costumes for anyone, especially women that feel uncomfortable with their size, and while they may conceal an awkward body shape, these costumes will not conceal the enjoyment of a great costume. Have Fun! 😉