Plus Size Gothic Clothing for Women

Gothic clothing is one such look that people turn to when they wish to showcase their wild side and add a shock element to their style of dressing. The history of the Gothic clothing itself is basically based on the two periods of the Gothic era-the early Gothic period and the late Gothic period. The early Gothic period saw more elegant and sophisticated styles of dressing. Sleeves became tight and the forearms got prominence. The early Gothic period also saw minimal trimmings on the Gothic dresses. The necklines went deep and the dresses became longer. For plus size women, plus size Gothic clothing offer a variety of fashions representing everything from romantic Goth to punk style Gothic clothing.
Gothic fashion would always show the major use of reds, blues, greens and gold. The vermilion shade also was highlighted during the Gothic period. Within gothic fashion, there are a variety of styles staying true to the unique spontaneity for which goths are known. This variety allows plus size women to choose the style of plus size Gothic clothing that suits them:
  1. Romantic – Period clothing. Tailored velvet jackets and lace.
  2. Classy – Wears any color of clothing but keeps colors dull and neutral.
  3. Punk – Spiked collars, latex, industrial boots.
  4. Goth Lolita – Trendy popular look in Japan and growing in popularity in the Western world. Makes the wearer look doll-like, sweet and elegant.
  5. 1980s goth – Grew out of the 1980s gothic rock scene.
  6. Cyber goth – Into the Industrial music scene. Usually wears flashy clothes and accessories displaying a mechanical/industrial theme.

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If you are a plus size Goth women who is tired of wearing the same thing as everyone else in the Goth community, make time to regularly visit resale shops and second hand stores. Shop for styles you can transform into unique plus size Gothic clothing to you.