Plus Size Golf Clothes for Women

Stylish plus women golf clothing might not improve your game, but you will sure look terrific on the course. Golf is a fantastic low-impact sport for getting fit and beginning the weight-loss process. Some women find that golf is a comfortable way to become more active while meeting new people. Many of the major golf apparel manufacturers have increased their size range to include fashions to size 20. By shopping online, you can find a wider range of sizes and styles.

These golfer styles are often expensive because of the brand name. Consider buying casual separates instead. Your selection of sizes and fabrics will be greater. For ease, let’s read some tips about plus size golf clothes for women below :

Cons :

  1. No denim of any type is acceptable. This includes colored and dressy jeans as well as denim shirts.
  2. No really short shorts or skorts. That may sound funny as this is being written for plus-size women, but I don’t want to assume anything. Most clubs ask that women’s shorts or skorts be just above or below the knee.
  3. No tee shirts. When playing an extremely casual golf course, you may get by with a tee shirt, but it’s a no-no at more upscale courses.
  4. No sweats or athletic pants. I will oftentimes wear a pair of nice drawstring athletic pants, a tee shirt and matching jacket on my municipal course. Even though these may be well coordinated and really cute, this is not viewed as acceptable golf attire.

Pros :

  1. A nice pair of slacks (like Dockers). Great for a size 8, but Dockers aren’t always a comfortable fit for a plus-size woman. In lieu of Dockers, I typically go with a pair of classic-fit (more like men’s trousers) stretch slacks or a pair of crepe or linen/rayon pants. This choice is both acceptable and comfortable for a fuller-figured woman.
  2. A nice pair of shorts, skorts/skirts or capris. As a plus-size woman, you’ll never catch these big thighs in a pair of skorts. Capris can also be unattractive for women with larger calves. That said, a pair of Bermuda style shorts are standardly a great choice for a plus-sized woman. Longer skirts are also both functional and attractive. Be sure to choose a fabric that is comfortable and non-restrictive (and remember denim or sweatshirt type material are not acceptable).
  3. Collared shirts. A golf (polo) shirt or women’s dress shirt (made out of cotton) is acceptable. You can layer shirts by wearing a sleeveless or short sleeve polo under a long sleeve sport or dress shirt. It’s also acceptable to wear a pullover shirt (with or without a collar) over a collared golf shirt.
  4. Golf Dresses. It’s unusual to see a woman on the course in a dress, nonetheless, it is acceptable as well as comfortable. An appropriate golf dress would be straight (you don’t want the wind blowing your dress), knee length (or slightly longer) and made of breathable and flexible material such as stretch-cotton. One of my favorites is a jersey polo or shirt style dress. Some women may wear a pair of bike style shorts under their dress for more assurance.
  5. Wind shirts, vests, jackets or golf sweater. Because the weather can quickly change on the course, it’s best to dress in layers. Fleece pullovers, cardigan sweaters and wind shirts are great for those cool days on the course.

The sport has also recently become popular among women in all different ages, with a wide range of clothes available for those of a curvy frame. Here are some key examples of where to buy high quality and fashionable plus size golf clothes for women.

  1. PlusAthletic : Very helpful resource for purchasing high quality shirts up to XXL for wide range of sporting tops and bottoms
  2. Loris Golf Shoppe
  3. Juonia  : Wonderful store for helping larger frames access the best sport wear, keyhole polo shirts, Quikwik crew tees/roll-waist pant/power play/double mesh skirt, tunics, super Jerseys, anti-microbial brief, twill capri, dual layer shorts, many items up to size 6X
  4. Golf Sophisticate


The Examples of Plus Size Golf Clothes for Women

Additionally, plus-size women have a tendency to wear somewhat baggy clothes. Too tight or too loose clothing can adversely affect your game. Instead, choose clothing that is a close, but comfortable fit.