Plus Size Corsets

Many plus sized women don’t realize all the options available to them, and many have been buying their underwear from the same exact store for more than a decade! Plus size corsets are now a staple at many department stores and specialized lingerie stores, so you don’t have to be bored with your underwear anymore. Plus size corsets are one of the best ways to bring in the mid section and allow the amazing curves to flow out over the top and bottom. A plus size corset is larger than a normal size corset, but it should not be too large. Unfortunately, this is the biggest mistake a large number of women make while ordering a corset. A corset is meant to improve your body shape. A loose fitted corset on the other hand, instead of accentuating your curves, will worsen your appearance. Therefore, before ordering a corset, first take the measurement of your waist. If necessary, measure your waist several times to avoid mistakes. To get the accurate measurement of the waist, stand in front of a mirror and bend on one side. The crease that you notice just under the ribcage is your waistline. The size of your corset should be about 4 to 6 inches less than the size of your waistline. Also, remember to check your bra cup size before ordering a corset. Plus size corsets today are very popular.

Victorian Cream Lace Trim Corset



Advantages of wearing a plus size corset are many.¬†Underneath your clothes, plus size corsets help to hold everything in and give you that perfectly shaped waist and bust and give you the hourglass figure that so many women are after. You don’t have to go to the gym to get the shapely curves that you were born with to look great; plus size corsets serve this purpose and very well at that. You can get practical ones that are skimpy on the extras and provide extra support or you can give a little bit in terms of support and get sexy lace, clasps, and extras to bring that sex appeal that so many women are looking for in corsets. Plus size corsets even helps in reducing pain. In addition, disorders of your skeleton, if any, are reduced. For women with large breasts, plus size corset is very comfortable than bras. Breast weight is carried by the full corset than the straps of the bra. Straps can harm the skin by chaffing them or cutting them. Training by wearing corsets can also reduce the waist size. Like said before, plus size corset is typically used by large women. Thus, stores nowadays have a fitting room for accommodating such clothing. The different types of corsets available are one-piece foundations, side hooking girdle, busk front corset and a semi step-in corset. Plus size corset is also changed, if there is a fashion need. These are termed as fashion corsets. For the materials, popular materials are satin, leather and vinyl. And also, some of the finer plus size corsets include details like front hidden eye hook closures, ribbon, lace, brocade panels, sweetheart necklines, front zipper closures, and underwire cups with removable pads.

Black Lace Trim Corset



For shopping plus size corset, not only think about the right size, style, material, etc, you also need to consider the prices. Price is another aspect of plus size corsets, but usually the more expensive the corset is the better quality. This statement is true for almost all plus size lingerie. Shopping online can be a fine place for purchasing corsets if you take your measurements and look for a store with a wide selection of name brand designers. After all, with the beautiful and stylish array of plus size corsets available, there is sure to be one, or several, that would make perfect additions to your wardrobe.