Women’s Plus Size Board Shorts

Board shorts, while once thought mainly to be used by surfers and mainly men, are becoming more and more popular for women.  The main reason behind their popularity, besides of course the vibrant patterns, designs and colors they are available in, is the body coverage they provide. As these shorts, unlike bikini bottoms and other kinds of shorts, cover the thighs and the hips, this makes them very popular in the plus size clothing segment. Often times it is seen that plus size women are very conscious of revealing their thighs at the beach. At the same time, they do not want to look outdated by wearing something which covers them from head to toe. This is where plus size board shorts step in. These women’s plus size board shorts look sporty, are comfortable and provide appropriate coverage. They are ideal for a game of beach volleyball or any other water sports activity.

The Example Pictures of Plus Size Board Shorts for Women




Women’s plus size board shorts  are much more reliable and durable than the regular swim shorts due to the way they are stitched. The seams of the short are sewn with two or three needle stitching. For closure, you can choose from the ones with buttons, velcro, zippers or drawstrings. There are some board shorts which come with a combination such as buttons and drawstrings together or a velcro and a drawstring, and hence are even more reliable. On the other hand, swimming trunks and swimsuits which usually have just an internal drawstring and a mesh liner, are comparatively less reliable.

Women’s plus size board shorts are available in many refreshing, lively colors and patterns. Classy black, bright red, aqua blue, sunny yellow, fiery orange and natural green are some of the popular fashion color choices. As for the patterns, there are the floral prints which give a very tropical vibe. Then there are checkered and striped ones, shorts with stars and diamond designs, the ones with tribal patterns, the plain ones, the polka dot ones, etc. Plus size women should go in for darker colors and patterns with small designs, as these give a slimmer appearance. As for women, these can be worn with some trendy tank tops, tankinis, T-shirts or the regular swimsuit. Board shorts look great on plus size people, making them feel comfortable and at ease with their bodies.