Plucking Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of your face. If your brows are too bushy or too thin, it can throw off your appearance. While some people favor waxing, others view plucking as a more manageable and less-painful approach. Properly plucking eyebrows open up your eyes and improve your appearance instantly. A perfect eyebrow starts from the inner corner of the eye, arches just beyond the outer curve of the iris and narrows down at the edge of the eye. This definition is the basis upon which slight changes can be applied to suit the shape of individual faces. Pluck them to thin them out and reshape them. For a natural look, pluck only one or two rows of hair and follow the shape. Pluck more fore a more dramatic look, but remember that brows take weeks to grow back, and some hairs may not ever grow back. If you want to plucking your eyebrows, then follow some steps below about how to plucking eyebrows properly.

Before we begin with the procedure of plucking eyebrows, it is very important for you to understand that one is required to have lot of patience to do it perfectly. A recommendation that most experts make is that a person who has never got her eyebrows done, should get it done by a professional first. This will make your job easier as you do not have to think about how to shape the eyebrows, rather you just have to remove the unwanted hair that grows back. Then some things that you will need is tweezers, white eyebrow pencil, ice. Then here’s for the steps; Mark the areas where you would like to pluck. Hold a white eyebrow pencil on the side of your nose. Your inner eyebrow boundary should be where the pencil crosses the brow bone. Mark this spot. Hold the pencil from the corner of your mouth to the brow bone. Mark where it cross the bone for the outer boundary of your brow. Hold the pencil over your eye, look straight ahead and mark a spot directly above your pupil to locate where the arch should be. Hold ice over the areas outside the boundaries where you will pluck to numb them. Begin to pluck outside the marked boundaries. Grip a hair with the tweezers and pull it out in the direction of growth. For the first time, pluck less than you think you should so you can get used to the look.

These were some steps about plucking eyebrows for you. And for the tips; never dig the tweezers deep into the skin for grabbing short hair follicles. Let it grow and then pluck it off. Also, a firm grip of the tweezers is necessary so that the procedure becomes less painful. For that wipe the tweezers’ tips with alcohol periodically. Hold the skin as you would do while threading gently, which will lead to less pain and tugging on the skin.  Plucking once a month, is good enough to keep the eyebrows in shape as in that case you can clearly know which hair follicle stays and which does not. There. Now you know how to pluck eyebrows! As you keep doing it regularly, you would get more comfortable and confident, and get better.