Pinstripe Suits for Men

When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder or fitting into the fashion scene, how you dress has a big impact. Staying below the radar with neutral suits is the way of many, but if you really want to impress people, try wearing a pinstriped suit. Pinstripes provide a classic, businesslike look to any outfit, and are a great wardrobe staple to have. Pinstripe suit can make you look thinner?Yes, it is true. In addition to making you look thinner, pinstripes can also make you look taller. The pinstripe suit has been fashionable, on and off, since the turn of the 20th century. Pinstripe suits were originally worn by style-conscious Brits and made iconic by men such as actor Cary Grant and U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Wearing pinstripes became increasingly popular around the globe as men became more interested in expressing themselves and projecting a sophisticated image through the types of suits they wore.

Pinstripe suits usually feature traditionally conservative background colors, such as black, navy or dark gray, overlain with a series of vertical stripes that may be another muted color such as cream or gray, or a flashier color such as red or turquoise. Often, the lining of a pinstripe suit will match the pinstripe. The pinstripe itself may be woven into worsted cloth, in a fine suit, or printed onto cloth on a cheaper one. On fine woven suits, the pinstripe is actually not a solid stripe but a series of tiny dots of silk, cotton or synthetic yarn, which form a noncontinuous line. A pinstripe suit can be fashionable and look very upscale when it is well tailored and pressed or steamed. Keep it buttoned except when you sit down, and wear classy cuff links to show off the elegance of the suite. A wrinkled, unbuttoned pinstripe suit is more likely to make you look unkempt and unprofessional than a wrinkled, unbuttoned black suit because the pinstripes already attract a lot of attention. Wearing a solid tie is your best bet for wearing a pinstripe suit. Wearing a tie that has a competing pattern will ruin the look entirely. You can wear a tie of any color, but it’s a good idea to coordinate it with your entire look. While plain black business suits can be a bit somber, a pinstripe suit lightens up the mood and sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t wear the suit during meetings with a conservative crowd; instead, think about wearing it on days you meet with fashionable friends or like-minded thinkers. The suit is also ideal for a fancy night out to an upscale restaurant and the ballet or a night on the town with other fashionable dressers.

Also, there are some types of pinstripe suits. Traditional pinstripe suits feature very thin lines placed equidistantly from one another so that, from afar, they are not even visible. Then, a lace-line stripe has two or more lines of pinheads placed near each other, then some space with no stripes, then another grouping. This arrangement makes the stripes look thicker and wider from far away. A chalk stripe, on the other hand, actually is a much thicker stripe. These thick stripes usually lay at some distance from one another. They are often found on flannel suits. The edges of the stripe blend into the ground, making them look blurred or smudged as though they were created with chalk. For a rope stripe; this is the most ostentatious type of pinstripe. Rope stripes are often seen on worsted wool and are made with weaves. This creates a diagonal or spiral stripe. From far away, these stripes look thick,but near up they look like intricate patterns. Today, pinstripe suits has become an integral part of western fashion. It is neither unusual nor particularly iconic. Similar to other cuts and styles of suits, pinstripe is only one of many options available to the modern man. The appeal of pinstripes has lingered throughout many trends and decades and a pinstripe suit remains a popular choice for people across the Western world.