Pillbox Hats

For a cute vintage look, or something extra to your outfit, a pillbox hat is an inspired choice. The pillbox hat is an iconic piece of mid-20th century style, with its straight-sided round or oval form and flat crown. It was worn tilted to the side in the 1930s and 1940s, angled forward on the head in the 1950s, and most famously tilted back on the head in the 1960s as part of Jacqueline Kennedy’s signature style.  The designs of pillbox hats can be dressed up with a veil or pin, or left plain.

Although, pill box hat is greatly out of fashion now, you can still spot it during traditional or military events in some countries. Some commonwealth countries have retained the tradition of wearing pillbox hats during military events. In fact, it is very much a part of uniform of Royal Military College of Canada. Since, it is pretty small it must be pinned down on the head. When the popularity of pill box hat was at its peak, the bouffant hairdo was also immensely popular. Women used to wear these hats atop this large, bold hairstyle. The hat would be strategically placed on top of the head so that it did not crush the hairdo. These days, you can pin this hat with large decorative pins or you may choose to secure it with small, hidden pins. Choose a hairdo, that can accentuate the beauty of this hat. Also take care that the hat should not disturb your hairdo.

Catarzi Pillbox Ribbon Hat
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These days pill box hat patterns include a contrasting cuff, which gives it a more casual appearance. Hats made from soft, rumpled fabric can be worn on informal occasions. Some women wear veiled pillbox hats for a more somber look, apt for churches or other such places. If you are thinking to purchase for yourself, then you should browse the Internet to get several patterns of pillbox hats. Go through online stores/retailers and you will get myriad varieties in terms of color, fabric and pattern of pillbox hats.