Pencil Skirts

A pencil skirt is a form-fitting garment that usually falls to the knee or just below. Pencil skirts are straight narrow ones which accentuate a woman’s hips and legs. They are a timeless piece and you can create a rather dowdy and dated look if you’re not careful. It is often paired with a jacket as part of a woman’s suit and, as is the case with all fashion, it comes in and out of favor. So if you are one of those women who love to flaunt their derriere, then these are perfect you. These skirts are a must have for every working woman’s wardrobe.

And how to wear? There are many ways to wear a pencil skirt that will leave you feeling fashionable and comfortable.  If you’re thinking retro fashion, then you can get a checkered pencil skirt and pair it with a plain top with some tassels and knee length boots! For formal office wear, you can never go wrong with dark colors. A navy blue or black pencil skirt with a pristine white blouse, smartly tucked in, together with a jacket matching the skirt makes for an elegant formal pencil skirt outfit. Pencil skirt dresses are also doing the rounds of the fashion circuit. So you can snag a couple of body hugging dresses and wear some sexy boots and wrap a gorgeous stole around your shoulders for an extra glamorous look! It will flatter your curves and make you look super sexy!

Ben-Gals Night Out Animal Print Pencil Skirt

City Sleek-er Fuchsia Pencil Skirt

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Oasis Tropical Pencil Skirt

ASOS Pencil Skirt in Baroque Chain Print

ASOS Sexy Pencil Skirt In Mixed Fabric

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But, remember that wearing a pencil skirt is not for those women who are not very comfortable in tight clothing. This is because since the skirt is relatively tight and ends at the knees, it restrains the swift and easy movement of the legs. Hence, while wearing a pencil skirt, you need to walk in small, quick and defined steps. Activities like sports and stuff are nearly impossible in this skirt, so please do not attempt them. A pencil skirt is versatile piece, so learn about how to wear this adorable skirt properly and don’t hesitate to experiment with the colors.