Peasant Tops

Peasant tops are the perfect solution when you want something as comfortable as a t-shirt but a little dressier. Peasant tops can be flattering to a variety of body types and can accentuate the positive while hiding trouble spots. You can wear them any time of year, but they’re especially nice in the summer because they’re loose and usually made of lightweight materials. Peasant tops are versatile and can be worn by all women. But take care in selecting your top, though, as certain types of necklines, colors, and designs work better for different types of bodies.

Peasant tops may be solid colored, but they tend to have bold, funky patterns. Peasant tops are often worn casually with jeans or a skirt, but some are dressy enough to wear in a professional setting. Because peasant topsĀ  are so ubiquitous in the fashion world, you can find them at all price points from around $20 to the designers’ prices of $99 and up. By browsing sales, eBay, and thrift stores, you may even be able to walk away with a beautiful peasant shirt for next to nothing.

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Urban Behaviour Spot Peasant Top

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Free People Vintage Mesh Peasant Top

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Piped Peasant Top

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