Peasant Blouses

The women’s shirt known as a peasant blouse is a staple in any “working class” outfit dating from the late 1400s to at least the middle 1700s. The peasant blouses also saw a return in popularity during the 1960s and is appropriate for pirate wench, colonial American, renaissance maiden, gypsy and “Summer of Love” costumes.  A peasant blouse is also comfortable and easy to make, so consider adding one or more to your weekend or casual work wardrobe.

Peasant blouses are as easy and carefree to make as they are to wear.  Many peasant blouse patterns suggest a drawstring neckline, but using flat 1/4-inch elastic and a rolled or shirttail hem you can create an attractive ruffled neckline that’s even simpler to incorporate than a drawstring.  Since peasant blouses flatter a variety of body types, it should come as no surprise that designers repeatedly return to this look when designing their spring and summer collections.

Therefore, if you can’t find vintage peasant blouses that suit your needs, it’s not too difficult to purchase a newer blouse in a similar style. However, in recent years, there has been a trend towards designating a more modern version of the classic peasant blouse that features a fitted torso and fuller sleeves. This look is a little less demure than classic peasant blouses, but perfect for the confident woman in search of a way to show off her curves.