Peacock Tattoos

The peacocks are compelling and eye-catching birds whose vibrant colors have inspired admiration, myths and art for centuries. The peacock is identified by all as a remarkably fine-looking bird due to its outstanding plumage. This bird is used as an inspiration by modern body artists. These peacock tattoos are one of the few tattoos that are not only beautiful, but have deeper symbolic meanings, and thus, meet both the criteria of an ideal tattoo.

The peacock tattoos are most often represented in Asian and Middle East tattoo designs and are very popular because of its vibrant colors. However, in Europe, the peacock’s feathers are regarded with high suspicion because of a fiasco in their ancient mythologies. The peacock feather, in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt is a representation of the ‘evil eye’. This is because of the general idea during that time that with the peacock feathers several ‘eyes’, it can see every single transgression that a person has done. This belief, is still prevailing today as several households in Europe will not permit that even a single peacock feather enter their household. The Christian faith on the other hand, has an entirely different take on the peacock and its feathers. Christians believe that the peacock feathers ‘eyes’ are the same of God’s all seeing eyes. It also venerated the peacock as an incorruptible animal making it a sacred emblem for many who follow the Christian faith.  Today, peacock tattoos symbolize immortality, a person’s pure soul and resurrection. In china, the peacock is believed to represent the divinity and ranks of the gods and their ancestors. Peacocks are also later on symbolized as animals of royalty and has long meant the equivalent of an unbreakable oath. In these days, peacock designs are chosen mostly for their bright and vibrant colors as well as their symbolism. Because peacocks can also represent resurrection, these are also created into tattoos for a lot of personal reasons. You can even combine some design that will suit almost any reason and aesthetic preference. For instance, show a peacock and a peahen standing together if you wish to pay homage to the mythical associations of the peacock. Hindu legend holds peacocks as symbols of love and immortality, according to Yoga Journal. Peacocks have showy plumage, while peahens are less flamboyantly attired.

Finally, you can create some of the amazing tattoos, simply by using a little bit of your imagination and creativity. The most important point however, is to choose the right color scheme that complements your complexion, and the tattoo that suits your personality and elegance. And also, having your peacock tattooswell thought out before you settle on the one you want will have the meaning of the peacock settled in your mind also. Often, we need to attach a meaning to the ink design that we have chosen, and the peacock will not disappoint with a wealth of interpretations.