Peace Sign Tattoos

The peace sign originally was designed in the year 1958 by a British artist named Gerald Holtom. He designed it for the movement for British nuclear disarmament and he designed the symbol to represent despair, making the symbol look like a person who held both their arms out in despair to the side. Nuclear disarmament was the original meaning of the peace sign. Since then, the peace sign has come to mean so much more. Most of the time, people go for designs and symbols which represent their own thoughts and beliefs. In other cases, they also sport designs that symbolize the meaning the wearer advocates in his life. Peace sign tattoo designs are examples of the latter case. It is one of the widely used tattoo designs today. As more and more people have chosen to show their leanings with tattoos, today’s peace sign tattoo designs really stand for much more.

There is a myriad of peace sign designs and options that can be used for making these tattoos. You can either go for a simple black and white tattoo design or even make a colorful version of it using different color combinations. Peace sign tattoos for girls have some feminine designs like vines, flowers, etc. added to it. The image alongside can give you a rough idea for the same. On the other hand, designs for men can be made with images of an eagle, flag of the country, ‘V’ sign, etc. embossed on the original design. Ironic tattoos with flames, skull, etc. around the peace sign are also favored. As mentioned above, ‘V’ sign made with two fingers is also a sign of peace and hence, can also be used for making a tattoo. However there are not many options for creativity in that particular tattoo design. Lastly, a dove is the best and most easily recognized peace sign tattoo designs today. However, one needs to be careful while making a tattoo in white ink as it does not suit all skin tones. Peace tattoos can be found most anywhere on the body. Some of the most popular include peace sign tattoos on feet, arms, shoulders and the hip.

After all, peace sign tattoo designs can be another great option when choosing a tattoo design for you. One of the biggest advantages is that these designs always remain in fashion and can never be controversial. You can safely and proudly sport a peace tattoo forever.Cheers!