Pea Coats for Women

Pea coats are very thick coats that are often made with wool and have collars and are double breasted. They most commonly have two vertical rows of buttons in the front, adding up to six buttons. These coats¬† first appeared in the late 1800s. They were originally designed for European servicemen and featured double-breasted fronts, large wooden or metal buttons and broad lapels. Military-style pea coats were made from wool and known for their large vertical or slash pockets. Pea coats are stunning for everyone, from kids to adults, everyone can wear. Pea coats for women work with almost every outfit in women closets. From skirts to jeans to slacks, they look great. Another key element of the classic pea coat is that it can literally go anywhere and fit in flawlessly. In other words, whether at brunch, at work or at the movies, this coat never looks like a fashion faux pas. The versatility of pea coats are something that couldn’t be refuse by all women.

There are some different styles of pea coats for women you can expect to see today; flare coat, it flares out at the hem in the most attractive of ways.¬† To keep the coat in proportion, pair it with slim fitting pants or skirts. Then patterned coat,the patterned coat manages to look great without all of the bells and whistles of large button details and shawl collars. Instead, this coat relies on its patterned print to garner its attention. And here’s the last; cut-sides, the cut-in sides coat is one of the most feminine you’ll see and it’s very beautiful. Here, the coat’s sides are nipped in so that the natural shape of the wearer’s body is showcased. Further, occasionally you’ll find highlighted seams in various colors. This further serves to highlight the waist for added emphasis. You can go purchase a gorgeous pea coat at market/boutique or online retailers. Like,,,, etc.

The colors of pea coats for women are okay, designs never boring, fashionable, timeless and definitely keeping you away from coldness, that’s a huge point for these coats for sure. Still don’t have it? So, what are you waiting for? Go purchase soon, and see the benefits for you. Cheers!