Pea Coats for Men

Pea coats are classic and the style has been around for a long time. Functional as a casual winter coat, the pea coat has a classic history with its origins as an officer’s coat in the navy as well as great structure with a clean double breasted look with bold buttons on the front. Pea coats are commonly worn by both men and women during the colder autumn and winter months. For men, wearing pea coats can make them look very sexy and elegant.

Wearing pea coats sometimes can be tricky. For men, they need to consider a few things like the length, the color, and accessories. For the length, your peacoat should ‘hit’ at the bottom of the hips and, ideally, caress your rear. The only real exception to this is the naval jacket, which should end slightly lower. If your pea coat is too long, the figure-defining shape will be lost, too short and you’ll appear as if you’ve gained forty pound over night! And for the accessories; pea coats are outerwear so they work well with scarves and hats. Remember to keep the scarves within the coat for the correct look. For the color; pea coats, especially in black or grey are casual enough to be worn with jeans or nicer pants as well. Men should not wear bright colors that women can get away with, like red or pink.  For the style, if you are trying to stay businesslike, but you’re looking for something not so “normal”, try textures with tweeds and herringbones. A tweed blend pea coat is a newer not so “normal” look that lends a vintage touch.

There are a few things that you should always keep in mind when purchasing a pea coat. To purchase, visit the men’s sections of department and clothing stores. Be sure to examine the strength of the buttons, how they are connected and what they are made of. Since the buttons are such a strong feature on a pea coat you don’t want ones that are weakly attached or made of cheap plastic. Or you can search out your local army-navy surplus store for something more authentic. Many of these stores carry different types of pea coats, some of them reproductions of the coats actually worn on naval vessels, but many of them genuine navy pea coats, just like the ones worn on ships. These will have from four to eight buttons on the front and some of them will be the longer officer-length coasts that drop down to knee-length.  Whether you are searching for something traditional or a coat that is a bit more avant garde, the chances are very good indeed that you’ll be able to find it!