Panther Tattoos

Tattoos that connote strong traits make good choices. Panther tattoos, for instance, make a riveting sight and speak volumes about the bearer of the tattoo. Panther is a symbol of beauty with elegance and class. Coming from the cat family, these animals are found to be closely linked to the puma, jaguar and even a leopard. Club this with the fact that they are fearsome and savage creatures; they have invoked the fancy of the world for their serenity and leadership traits. Its subtle beauty, yet fierce nature are the two contrasting features which the artists have tried to capture and portray by these amazing and unique panther tattoos.

Panther tattoos have takers all over the world, be it men or women. The animals’ cardinal quality of ferociousness clubbed with its aesthetics and splendor has attracted many a beholder and tattoo aspirant alike. Add to this, the panthers with their luscious, shiny black fur, collectively known as black panthers, and you have that unique appeal for mesmerizing many. There are several variations for this type of body art. A realistic panther tattoo is one idea. This captures the animal in its truest form. The artwork is designed by a professional, and the owner of the tattoo selects the pose. It could be a panther perched in a tree, or a panther on the open plains. Decide which image symbolizes the essence of the animal for you. While a panther hunting may represent stealth and grace, a panther under the moon represents a wild, nocturnal nature. Add some plant flora and jungle scenery to the tattoo to make it really come alive. Another idea is to surround your panther in exotic flora such as ferns, leaves and trees. Panthers live in Florida and the jungles of South America, where you will find vine-laden rain forests overgrowing with plant life.

Another approach to a panther tattoo is to make it fun. The Pink Panther, a popular cartoon character, is often the subject of a tattoo. The Pink Panther represents not only a humorous cartoon, but a band of thieves responsible for the theft of millions of dollars in precious jewels. Comedy movies have been created about the pursuit of Pink Panther thieves, who are not considered to be as rare as the jewels they pursue. Then, while adding scenery is a tribute to a panther’s natural habitat and puts it in its true surroundings, creating a panther image in a style no one has seen before will add a definitive theme to your body art. Consider drawing a panther form from calligraphic letters that spell your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s name. Or, create a panther image in another style of art such as ancient Chinese, Impressionistic or abstract artwork. Use different colors in these designs on the forms and shapes for added detail. This makes for extremely detailed and authentic body art.

Another idea is to create your own panther character by adding clothing to it or placing it in a unique pose. Add a leather jacket to your panther and place it in front of a motorcycle to create a biker panther. Or, draw the panther in football gear and make it your team mascot. Another idea is to use an image from a team that already has the panther as a mascot, such as the National Hockey League’s Florida Panthers. Add a hockey stick, helmet and skates to your panther drawing and it will represent this team. With the panther usually being big and detailed in form, they are usually found on the arms, legs, things, chest and back. This tat also caught the attention of female ink enthusiasts. They are used to symbolize women’s nature as being gentle and loving with their children, yet fearless in defending their families. After all, These panther tattoos are also said to represent freedom from oppression and rules. They also symbolizes the ability to know the dark, rebirth, swiftness, cunning, perseverance, boldness, and beauty.