Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are a style of leather shoe usually worn with formal attire. which were among the first men’s laced shoes, were worn in the 17th century, often by men attending a university. Unlike their predecessors, early laced shoes were cut smaller than the foot, which gave men a mincing step. They were associated with foppery, fine dressing and a particular social class. Oxford shoes are also called as Balmorals, but because they were most associated with college men, they took on the name of Oxford University. Americans wouldn’t see many of these shoes until the early 19th century, and by then, many modifications had been made. And now, the basic oxford has developed into a number of different styles.

Ultra-trendy oxford shoes have been seen on the feet of some celebrities for the past few seasons. But now, this is one of the latest trend on college campuses. And if you are a student of university/college, then this shoes can be perfect for you. Oxford shoes not only fit for men, but also great for women. Though most of their history, oxford shoes were exclusively menswear, but now, they are also produced in women’s sizes with more extreme ornamentation, designer colors and taller heels. Oxford shoes can be quite simple, and some feature patterns, like a line across the toe or cutouts in the leather material. The more expensive shoes feature a leather sole, but most mid-price shoes have a rubber or plastic sole with about a 0.25 to a 0.5-inch heel. A few have a slightly higher heel, which can make the wearer appear a little taller. Though oxford shoes originated as practical shoes with clean lines, designs have trended toward slight ornamentation, mostly in the form of fancy stitching and tiny decorative cutouts near the seams. The kiltie oxford has a tongue with fringed leather that is folded down over the laces after they’re tied.

Oxford shoes and the saddle shoe is quite similar, but instead of being one color, as is the case with the dressier Oxfords, they have a strip of leather in a different color across the tops of the shoes. These shoes were greatly popular in the 1950s for many and until now, they still favorite. A great alternative to sneakers or ballet flats, oxford shoes are a perfect addition to any fashion today.