Over The Knee Socks

Socks have gone through a massive change over the centuries. What started out as animal skins became matted animal fur, and then over the years, they turned to more modern-day materials, such as silk and cotton. While in the past, socks were more often seen on the wealthy, they are now affordable to all. There are some types of socks, and one of the most popular types of socks is over the knee socks. These socks come above the knee, but stay below the thigh. These socks also come in a variety of styles and patterns, from sexy to comfortable. Over the knee socks thigh high socks can be worn with any outfits. The looks the can be different according to one’s preferences. Some women like wearing thigh high socks during the winter to keep warm. Some wear them in the summer to sport a bold and trendy look.

Over the knee socks are often associated with younger women. Cheerleaders have worn these socks in high school or university colors. If you want to know how to wear these socks to look trendy and in fashion, then you canĀ  follow some ideas below:

  1. If you love retro themes, you can wear neon over the knee socks. Bright basic colors add a fresh, funky flair to ’60s-inspired outfits.
  2. An over the knee sock can also exude a darker, more mysterious flair. Striped black and white socks add a playfully wicked touch to a look. Over knee socks with skull patterns achieve a similar effect.
  3. Over knee socks are both fun and spicy when paired with mini skirts. The length of the socks combine smartly with the brevity of the skirt. Such a pairing elongates your legs, making you feel tall and lean.
  4. Over the knee socks are also a humorous addition to a pair of heels. The attraction of the high heels still shines through in your outfit. However, the playful socks add a whimsical, lighthearted quality.
  5. Overknee socks can even be paired with some classic denim shorts. This creates a quirky look that draws much attention to your legs. This casual style is the perfect backdrop for an artistic expression.
  6. Another great way to wear these is to layer them. You could wear a pair of pattern thigh high socks over solid contrast colour tights to keep warm as well as create an interesting and new look. Imagine the multiple different wardrobe options you can have by teaming different thigh high socks with different colour leggings.
  7. Always choose the right fit socks. If socks are too tight at the knees, they may make your legs look like sausage links. If these are too loose, they may keep you from walking around comfortably without having to pull them up occasionally to keep them in place.


The key to wearing over the knee socks is to let go of your inhibitions. Be bold, be brave, and have fun with the outfits that you wear. No matter what kind of look you want or no matter what size you are (thin or thick), you will find many pairs of over the knee socks that look great on you. That is really the great thing about the over the knee sock trend;they really look good on anyone. Get a variety of colors and styles so that you have options. Cheers!