Orchid Tattoos for Women

Orchid tattoos are very popular with the younger generation these days. These tattoos stand for femininity and are often illustrated by tattooing on arms or feet. Orchid tattoos are as a result a powerful and varied source of symbolism. Orchid is an exotic flower that symbolizes innocence, beauty and wealth. This flower tattoo is a symbol of beauty and innocence in women.

The most popular designs of orchid tattoos; based on the cattleyas, the exotic orchids from Central America. The cattleyas have leathery leaves and are known for their so-called pseudo-bulbs, which sprout from the plant’s base each year. The color of these orchids tends to be green, purple or white, as noted by the North of England Orchid Society. A cattleya design symbolizes warmth and affection. And for the colors, Orchids have been found in pinks, blues and yellows. So getting an orchid tattoo offers choices when it comes to the color of the flower design. You might want to experiment with magentas or reds.

Usually, women prefer having orchid tattoos on feet because the delicate orchids can be tattooed beautifully on the feet. In fact flowers are a popular choice when it comes to foot tattoo designs. These are mostly inked in bright colors. A pink orchid with floral design looks good on fair skin while people with a tanned skin tone should go for different shades of red or brown. A solid black orchid design bordering the feet looks quite attractive. An orchid looks attractive on the side arm. It is mostly worn in yellow, pink and blue colors. A blue orchid on the side arm represents eternity and feminism. For a simple design on your side arm, opt for a moth orchid; it looks beautiful. Beside that, women can combine the orchids with other objects, plants or perhaps other flowers as part of their tattoo design. One option is to entwine bamboo, vines or a tree trunk with the orchid in the design, which adds to the natural feel of the tattoo, giving the impression of the orchid being part of a living garden.