Octopus Tattoos

When choosing a tattoo design it is important that you make the right decision as you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. To make it easier to make this decision, one of the first things you should find out about a tattoo design is what it actually means. Octopus tattoo is one amazing tattoo design that not a lot of people tend to choose. In the modern days, octopus tattoos are the preferred one among many not only because of its beautiful and elegant structure; mainly it is construed as a symbol of amazing characters such as Intelligence, flexibility and adaptation. Octopuses are famous invertebrates known for its observational learning, memory, problem solving ability and sharp eye sight; moreover it can change its color to evade from Sea snakes, gigantic fishes and eels. This eight armed creature has an ability to disengage its limbs in order to survive, while being attacked. Octopuses are magicians too, which can spread a cloud of blackish ink to protect them from the sharks that hunts by smelling. So, each of its distinct characters can be taken as a lesson to approach the life positively.

Most of the octopus tattoo art has realistic depiction. The most common design used to make an octopus tattoo is that of an octopus wrapping its long tentacles around the wearer, making it a sleeve tattoo. This design can either be made around the back and sides or on the arms or legs. If you want to have a large design, then you can opt for an octopus in its natural settings with deep blue ocean scene, large rocks and corals, along with some small fish surrounding the red octopus tattoo. Another interesting octopus design can to create a scene of an octopus wrestling with a diver, who is wearing a large helmet and a heavy suit. There are different ideas, which can also be used to morph an octopus tattoo design. It can be morphed to make an image similar to a hypnotist’s spiral disc wheel and the suckers can be designed to look like small pearls, while the round body of the octopus can be turned into an image of a globe. The strong tentacles can be used to depict the strong waves in the ocean. You can decide on a design depending upon your approach towards life. If you are aggressive in life, then you can opt for an aggressive octopus tattoo, but if you take a softer approach, then a non aggressive resting octopus design is perfect. Different variations can also be made in the design, by showing the octopus in different colors of your choice or a creature with an overtly large body and very small tentacles. The octopus can also be made with large doe eyes and a cheerful expression. Also, Octopus tattoosare usually found at the back or in the arms. Some people choose to have them on their backs to have a full detail of the animal present in their tattoos. The suction caps on the octopus’s tentacles alone can make a very interesting design for a tattoo. Being a spineless and boneless creature, you can have an octopus tattoo drawn into other forms and figures. It can suggest so many things so its like having different tattoos hidden in just one form.

There are so many varieties of octopus as well that exhibit unusual and vibrant colors. Tattoo artists can play around with their choice of color for the octopus tattoo. Some octopus species also have unusual and interesting patterns on their skin leaving enough creative room for the artist to have. Finally, the octopus tattoos are great and also one of the rarest, most amazing designs that help you express your true self in a bold yet artistic manner. It is also a great way to make a fashion statement. So, the octopus tattoo is a great choice for anyone who is looking to get something that not only looks good, but also has a deep symbolic meaning.