Newborn Halloween Costumes

If your baby is born near Halloween, the possibilities for newborn costumes are endless. Newborn Halloween costumes are cute and adorable. Though you may not be able to dress up your baby in the same costumes that older children wear, it’s relativity simple to find the best costumes for your baby. You only need to purchase it online or go to the stores for ease. Fuzzy zoo animals, chuckle-worthy food-themed outfits and fluffy bunny ear headbands are among those in highest demand.

You can choose for your newborn Halloween costumes with buntings. These one-piece costumes are similar to newborn sleepers. They are generally made of soft cotton or fleece, with no irritating lace or attachments. Buntings cover the newborn’s feet, offering a snug feeling of security.  And for unique costume, dress up your newborn like your favorite musical artist, preferably someone eccentric and easily recognizable.

Another cute newborn Halloween costumes; flower costume. Turn your baby into a tropical flower. Even you can make this costume by yourself! But how to? Firstly, dress your baby in a yellow bodysuit so she looks like flower pollen. Armature wire is the each petal’s base and allows you to shape the costume for a life like look. Your child can be a stargazer lily if you use pink felt or a tigerlily if you use orange felt. Or you can make six large petal shapes with the wire and keep it in place with masking tape. Cut out fleece shapes that is 1/2 inch larger than the frame. Fabric glue secures the fabric and wire. You can hold the pieces together while the glue dries with clothes pins. Add texture to the tropical flower by gluing small dots to the petal. For the tiger lily the dots should be brown and use a darker shade of pink for the stargazer lily. The petals will bend so you can shape them into an exotic tropical flower. The foundation of the costume is a large piece of green felt in an elongated triangle shape that will wrap around your child’s legs. Cut a slit on the two bottom corners of the triangle to act as button holes. A button on the top triangle point holds the costume together. You can either hand sew the petals to the felt or use safety pins. You can put petals on the front of the costume using diaper pins. After your baby wear the costume, for goodness’ sakes, take the baby go somewhere during the day on October 31 like visit your grandma/grandad, get together with friends for a play date, or run errands, anything to get that baby seen in his or her costume! 😉