Nautical Star Tattoos

Since time immemorial, star has been popular among the many designs of tattoos used by any gender. Nautical star tattoos are one of those designs that you can show off in your skin. Because of its versatility, these tattoos are associated with various cultures and tribal designs. Likewise, it become popular because of the various styles that you can get that are applicable to any part of your body. Nautical Star Tattoos are a universal symbol that represents your style as an individual and have a long history of meaning behind them. It’s a tattoo that you can be proud to wear and the design can be altered to suit your personal preference

strong>Nautical star tattooshave a great significance to sailors because they believed that the stars guide and protect them on their voyage. Sailors who are taking their journey on the vast oceans take the twinkling stars as their friendly guide on their destination. It also has significance to military that serves as their protection of coming back home safe. But in today’s modern world, young generations and fashion lovers use these tattoos to make a fashion statement. The nautical star tattoo on different parts of the body has different meanings. While some people will wear the tattoos just for beauty and to appreciate the nice design, others will wear the tattoo as a symbol. This is mainly for the people who take long voyages in seas. The tattoo creates uniformity among members of a sailing crew. There are the fortunetellers who do palm reading and predict an individual’s future. They read the left palm and they use the star on the left palm as a guide. People who believe in palm reading are likely to get the tattoo done on the left wrist adjacent to the thumb and they use the nautical star for future guidance. There are other meanings that the nautical star tattoos have. They can be interpreted to represent a higher or more moral outlook on life and its troubles. It can stand for ambitions, goals and dreams, or the desire to succeed against adversity.  Nautical Star tattoo designs are available in different variations. For instance, many people like to combine nautical stars with other symbols to make a statement. For instance, nautical stars of different sizes intertwined with flowers could represent a bright outlook on life along with efforts for personal growth. Of course, this combination is also very intricate and makes exquisite body decoration, especially if twined along the ribcage, around a calf or splayed across the shoulders. Men and women alike may want to tap into their “pirate” or punk side with a few nautical stars framing a skull and crossbones. A skull and crossed swords or a sparrow combined with a circle or a spiral trail of nautical stars could also be a good choice for a lover of punk style. When it comes to colors, primary colors are the usual colors used to create a one. These include, yellow, red and blue.

These were just a few information for nautical star tattoos. You can use your creativity to come up with unique nautical tattoos that signify something special to you. If you want a tattoo that is a sign of finding one’s way, thus, which will help in navigating through life, and make you a better person, then a nautical star tattoo is the best choice for you. After all, these nautical star tattoos have long been a symbol for finding your way in life, as well as an Irish symbol for health and a pagan symbol for life.