Natural Skin Care

It is extremely important to take care of your skin. The skin on the surface protects the internal parts of the body. Most people however think that the care they take for their skin is adequate but they are unaware of the damage harsh skin care protects might do. These products comprise of tough chemicals which can be extremely harsh on the skin. They rob the skin of its natural essence while creating a misbalance in the state of the essential oil on the surface. This causes dryness, flakiness, patchy skin and even eczema in certain cases. Having a healthy skin that looks young and flawless is certainly desirable by most women. Using natural skin care is great and most recommended for all women, one can stay beautiful and charming for a longer period without having to suffer the side effects of the chemicals.

Here are some natural skin care tips for you to keep your skin glowing and healthy:

Acne Treatment

Acne can be an embarrassing skin problem that affects a person’s confidence and can limit her social life. Natural skin care methods fight the pimples on the outside of the skin. You also must treat acne from the inside out. A proper diet, low in processed foods and sugars can help. For outbreaks, use a vinegar solution consisting of 20 oz. of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Each night, use a cotton ball to apply the solution to the pimples.

Dark Circles

Getting enough sleep in today’s busy world is a rare treat. Nothing is worse than looking in the mirror the morning of the big presentation and seeing tired puffy eyelids. Or getting ready for a big date and noticing dark circles under the eyes. These are common skin care issues that respond well to natural treatments. Cucumber slices over the eyes really do remove puffiness. Potato slices are just as effective. They are cooling and soothing, and they replenish moisture to the area, which helps to calm the puffiness. Cucumbers also help with dark circles under the eyes, or cold, moistened tea bags applied to the eye area for 15 minutes. This helps to dissipate the fluid that has collected to cause the discoloration.


If you have dry skin, drink lots of water. This is to hydrate your skin and to bring back your skins glow. Also tuck into vegetables and fruits like cantaloupe which have high water content. Fish like salmon, trout and mackerel are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are good lubricants for the skin. Walnuts and flax seeds also contain essential oils. Taking about oils, olive oil can be the best friend of arid skin as it contains anti-oxidants that will keep your pores clear. So try to dress your food with olive oil as often as possible and marvel as your skin turns dewy in a few weeks.

Sun Screens

No body will dare insinuate that there is a substitute for sunscreen. But colourful berries like strawberries, blue berries, raspberries etc can reduce any potential damage the sun could cause your skin. This is because they are loaded with anti-oxidants. A rule of thumb is that the darker the berry, the greater is its nutritional value.

These were some tips for you. You cannot turn back time, but by choosing natural skin care you can reverse previous damage and get back that young and flawless skin without worry of harmful chemicals or allergic reactions – just like your ancestors did. After all, natural skin care can be a big part of your skincare regimen and may also help the environment. You can purchase a number of products in the store, at the spa, or online that contain natural oils and botanicals. If money is an issue, try your pantry and fridge. Either way, experiment with different products to see if natural ingredients are right for your skin care routine.