Natural Makeup

Sometimes, less is more. Makeup is no exception. Makeup should enhance natural beauty rather than attempt to create an entirely new face. So, natural makeup can be the best choice forĀ  every woman. Natural makeup brings out the beauty in every woman. But natural-looking makeup does not mean a “no makeup” look. Whether you choose mineral foundation, or a chemical-free natural formula, this fresh style can hide flaws and make you look younger. Natural foundations come in liquid, pressed powder or loose powder forms. Many makeup artists prefer loose powder, since it can be applied without streaking. Natural makeup also should match your skin tone and be light in coverage.

For natural makeup, here’s a few tips for you. Using the right makeup and tools will help give your skin a natural look. Avoid stick or pancake foundations or foundations that act as a concealer and foundation; these tend to look heavier. Choose light foundations, such as liquid, mousse, tinted moisturizers or mineral foundations. Using the wrong color for your skin can make you look older or sick. If you have blue undertones, you have cool skin. Look for foundation with a slight pinkish hue. Rose, raspberry and similar pink blush and lipsticks work for your complexion. Warm skin has olive or yellow undertones. Look for makeup with a slight golden hue. Peach, soft corals, honey-colored blush and lipsticks work for you.

There are so many benefits of natural makeup for women. Natural makeup is quite versatile as it can serve many purposes. It’s also easy to apply and will not run or smear. Just remember the simple rule: less is more. Natural makeup allows the skin to breath. It can also act as a sunscreen because of the natural reflective coating contained in the product. Natural makeup can be the best choice for sensitive skin.