Music Tattoos

In the past years, tattoos have been regarded as a form of rebellion. People have the impression that those who ink their bodies with different designs are radical. In some European regions, tattoos were even forbidden. Nowadays, there are still people who link tattoos to gangs or even unlawful behaviour. However, as time progresses, more and more people are becoming open to the idea of tattoo as self-expression. When it comes to body designs as a form of self-expression, music tattoo designs are quite common. Even though music tattoo designs cannot really sing, the greater ones are equally as compelling and dynamic. High quality tattoos are energised and expressive. As music is certainly an instrument that sometimes tells your life tale, experience, or feeling, music tattoos present the capacity to show such principles. If you want to get one, then consider some music tattoo ideas below. Take a look!

Here are some music tattoo ideas for you. First idea is Music note; This is by far the most chosen music tattoo symbol for women and men. Musical note is one of the ways to reflect a person’s general love for music. It can also represent any particular style of music, ranging from hip-hop to any musical instrument, such as drums and guitar. The very shapes of music notes lend themselves easily to make cute music tattoo designs. You can be creative and incorporate music notes to make different designs. For example, you can design a music note tattoo to look like a heart or place a musical note inside a heart. Peace sign can also be incorporated into the shape of a G clef. Angel’s wings coming off the sides of the music note, also make for an interesting tattoo design. A group of music notes and stars placed together form a great music constellation and a wonderful tattoo design. If you wonder, which is the most commonly used music note, it is not doubt the treble clef. Bass clef is also used, but it is not as common as the treble clef. Another ideas; Instrument.¬† Instruments really can make good tattoos. They are not as trendy as band names, making them less irrelevant in future years. Many instruments have beautiful lines and curves, lending themselves to graphic representation as in a tattoo. Some tattooists specialize in creating stylized images of musical instruments, some of the more interesting as anthropomorphized renditions of common instruments.

Then, you can choose lyrics tattoo for another option. Lyrics is one of the hot favorite music tattoo symbol. Opting to get a piece of lyrics meaningful to you is very common in music tattoos. There are different ideas to pick up lyrics. The lyrics can have certain symbolism in a person’s life or it can be something a person is fond of. Along with the lyrics, you can also get star tattoos, heart tattoos or some other tattoo designs made to make the tattoo look attractive. These were some music tattoo ideas for you. After all, Music tattoos are eye-catching as they are more mild compared to some other forms for body designs.