Monokini Bathing Suits

Just before summer season, some women begin to worry about how they will look in their bathing suits. What if you have a bikini, but you feel like your body type is no longer suited to it, yet you still want to sunbathe and swim? Fortunately there are many other different types of bathing suit styles available to women, and one of them is monokini bathing suit. The monokini bathing suits can be described as a one-piece suit with material cut out. Depending on the style, a monokini resembles a bikini, but typically with exposing sides that are connected to the top and bottom parts either at the front or the back of the suit.

In 1964, the very first monokini made its appearance on the market to varying amounts of public outrage and support. Rudi Gernreich’s design of a black knit fabric that extended from the midriff to the upper thigh shocked many people as it did not have a top, but thin straps that went over the shoulders. This bathing suit was purchased in record numbers despite outrage from government officials and moralists. However, this bathing suit was seldom seen in public. Today, monokini bathing suits are available in a variety of styles and cuts, and if you have the figure for it, can be one of the most flattering swimsuits to don. Not only is it sexy in a not very overt manner, it allows you freedom from the constant fear of your bikini getting undone while you are in the water. While plunging necklines may seem sexy and alluring, the fact remains that at a purely functional level, they may not be the best swimsuits to opt for. Try out sexy monokinis that play around with designs on the back. Opt for crisscross designs on the back or even a halter that is attached to the bottom of the monokini with a long column. There are also designs that redefine daring by opting for low cuts around the cleavage, and high cuts around the bottom. You can also opt to buy a monokini that is designed like a halter top, which comes with adjustable waistlines. Some monokini styles are available at conventional department stores that sell swimwear, you can find more selection at stores that specialize in sexy swimsuits.

If you like one-piece suits, the monokini bathing suits can be your an option that allows you to add more spice to your suit. Depending on the specific design and how much fabric is cut away, you can choose a style that just exposed the sides or much more skin, allowing you the freedom to choose your own sexy look.