Minnentonka Shoes

Minnetonka shoes are a moccasin usually made of soft leather produced by the Minnetonka Moccasin company in Minnesota. They produce a variety of traditionally styled moccasins, boots and slippers for men, women and children. The Minnetonka moccasins may have been originally worn by Native Americans and were designed to meet their specific needs, but this footwear has surely found its way to the hearts of modern day men and women. The moccasins are sought for their superb design ensuring the users’ wellbeing as well as the high quality leather and other materials used that equates to durability.


For Women

El Paso 11

Fringed Moc



Minnetonka shoes are available in several varieties. Many Native American tribes wore moccasins. In the east, a soft-soled moccasin was favored. In the western tribes, hard-soled varieties were more common. Minnetonka products are made of several different materials. Aside from traditional cowhide, suede, moose leather and deerskin are used. Several slipper varieties are made of sheepskin. Described as having a furrowed “u” shape over the arch, this design is what makes it extra special and endearing. Simple and yet so trendy, Minnetonka shoes are made to provide comfort for your feet. The Minnetonka Moccasins are available in vibrant colors that will certainly draw your eye on them. There are also sporty and adventurous designs that would suit your palate. Other materials have been incorporated in the design to suit the environment. Warm fleece are use as lining for snowy weather condition while sheepskin lining for those regular sunny and warm days. Also, there are some designs with added flair using beads, decorative tassels and other accessories. These are perfect footwear for women who are tired of wearing those high-heeled shoes that surely pains the feet.

For Men

Double Bottom Hardsole

Suede Driving Mocc



To care, suede, shearling, moose hide and deerskin are delicate leathers that should be waterproofed with a product. If a shoe is exposed to moisture before it has been treated, absorb the liquid with a soft cloth. Cowhide moccasins can be cared for with standard leather cleaners. Finally, minnentonka shoes are classy and timeless foot gears that certainly combine fashion, comfort and durability. You surely don’t want to get caught without them.