Mink Coats

Mink coats are a long-standing symbol of luxury and wealth. Mink coats are among luxurious clothing pieces, not just because of their price tag, but for the extreme warmth they offer. Apart from these reasons, one might plan to buy these for the amazing style that they add to the attire. This coat is definitely a unique piece that you can add to the winter wear collection. These attractive coats are made from the pelts of farm-raised minks and can last for decades with the correct care. Like any fashion trend, mink coats gained and lost popularity. During the 1960s and 1970s, there were protests which lowered the sales of fur, though by no means ended its use as a status symbol.

There are some types of mink coats. Female mink coat are softer and more delicate, whereas male coats are heavier and thicker. The fur on male mink coats can be even trimmed to a desirable length. Another types of mink coats are sheared and full skin coats. A sheared mink coat is a fur coat made from mink fur sheared to a thin layer above the skin. The sheared fur maintains the luster of mink even though it is much shorter than a traditional coat. A sheared fur still has the elegance and warmth of fur, and does not lose its insulation value. Mink sectional coats, which are made from both grooved sheared and full-length furs, create unique and stylish options for cold winter months. Then, full skin soats; these skin mink coats are made by stitching together entire furs from the animals. These coats have natural yet unique textures and stripes as the natural colors of the mink furs work together from piece to piece. The coats feel silky to just a light touch of the fingertips. A whole skin coat hangs well on the wearer because using larger size pieces of fur requires fewer seams. Full skin coats are typically waist length and come in a variety of colors.

The colour mink coats in the fashion world is a cross between a brown and taupe colour, but nowadays, mink coats comes in a variety of colours. In the wild, minks have shiny, soft fur in various shades of brown. Genetic changes appearing in captivity were selected by mink farmers to create over 15 gradations of colour. The basic colour groups of mink pelts are white, grey and brown. With its variety of colors, types/styles, warmth and tradition as a symbol of success, mink coats are still highly prized.