Mineral Makeup

By now you’ve probably heard the buzz about a revolution in makeup. Gone are the days of parabens and chemical cocktails that may make you look great for a very short time, but clog the pores, irritate the skin and cause breakouts that last longer. These days, manufacturers are revamping their formulas to include a unique blend of minerals. Mineral makeup is makeup produced using pigments found in the earth as opposed to synthetic products. Mineral makeup has revolutionized the cosmetic world. These cosmetics were once an upscale spa exclusive; however, mineral makeup is now available to everyone. In addition to providing flawless coverage, mineral makeup is better for the skin than its conventional counterpart. Mineral makeup is made by pulverizing sterilized minerals into a fine powder that is then mixed with natural pigments to produce various shades. And also, it does not cause any side effect on any types of skin. This might be the reason it is often recommended by dermatologists to women with sensitive skin, post operative, laser, rosacea and other procedures because of its natural skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a powered makeup made up of milled minerals which provide very pure or very thick coverage, depending on the formulation and application.

Mineral makeup is the latest hot trend of fashion and the cosmetic world and it has become the popular choice among people due to its benefits and advantages. There are several advantages to using mineral makeup. However, not all mineral makeup is the same or good for your skin. Most do have a natural SPF and protect the skin from harmful UV rays because of zinc oxide, which is the main ingredient in mineral makeup. It is highly recommendable for sensitive skin as it is non-comedogenic, offers anti-inflammatory property and is hypo allergic. Most mineral makeup includes skin enhancing additives. One of the most important includes broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Zinc oxide and titanium are added for sun protection giving most mineral makeup brands SPF 15 protection. Mineral makeup can also be good for acne sufferers. By its very nature, mineral cosmetics are non-comedogenic, oil-free, anti-inflammatory and cannot harbor bacteria, which means that acne blemishes can be covered or concealed without further aggravating them. Mineral makeup will not necessarily cure acne, but skin has a much better chance of healing while wearing it, compared to traditional makeup. Many have also reported that they have fallen asleep wearing their mineral makeup without suffering any breakouts the following day. In fact, some mineral makeup lines even have mineral night-time treatments, which are specially-formulated mineral powders that you can wear every night to improve your skin.

Mineral makeup could be called trendy, while traditional makeup has been popular for years. The concept of mineral makeup is dated back to 1998, since then the popularity and market of mineral based cosmetics is expanding. Mineral makeup can be natural and good for your skin, based on the brand and ingredients used. With non-irritating ingredients, it reduces the chance of skin problems. As a result, more and more people are turning towards this latest trend of cosmetics for blemish free, fresh and young skin. Also, women with growing age often experience fine lines, age spots, dark under eye circles and more problems can take the benefits of mineral makeup to retain back their youthful look. Mineral makeup will not ooze into wrinkles as possible with other traditional makeup. There are many mineral makeup brands available today in the market contains additional vitamins that assist you to prevent wrinkles from your face. The most alluring thing about this type of makeup is that it can last all day without any requirement or any touch-ups.