Military Ball Gowns

Military balls are held by all the branches of the armed forces and there is a proper attire expected for those attending. The balls are held to pay tribute to those who serve in the armed forces to protect and defend the country. If you have the opportunity to attend a military ball, dress to impress. For women, wear a formal, floor-length evening military ball gowns, preferably in a subdued color. Although a dress below the knee is acceptable, a floor-length evening gown is considered more appropriate. It should be tasteful without revealing too much cleavage and the color should complement the uniform of the person you are with.


If the dress has a pattern, keep it simple so that it doesn’t clash with the uniform. Ensure that you’re not exposing too much skin, wearing a bright gown or wearing a heavily patterned gown. Keep in mind that you’re wearing a formal gown; not a prom dress. These faux pas tend to be frowned upon in the conservative world of the military. Choose shoes and accessories that will match the military ball gowns. Select shoes that are both elegant and comfortable since you will spend a good amount of time on your feet.

For the accessories of military ball gowns, wear real jewelry if you have it; if not, wear tasteful costume jewelry. Don a simple necklace that complements your gown and smaller earrings that are unobtrusive. Keep jewelry to a minimum; it should always be tasteful and not over-the-top.

Overall, if attending a military ball, you want your attire to be conservative. This means nothing too bright, flashy or revealing. When it comes to hair and makeup, you want it to be complimentary without being overdone. Remember that this is a formal military event and your entire appearance should be one that is tasteful and classy.