Men’s Tennis Shoes

When playing tennis it is important to have a good quality tennis shoe. Every day shoes cannot provide the support a tennis player needs to avoid injury. For men, there are variety of bold designs of mens tennis shoes can pick from. As men are known to experiment with their sport shoes, a lot of audacious designs are waiting for men.

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On the other hand, men should keep in mind three important parts, when it comes to buying tennis shoes.

The upper should be secure; A good point on a men tennis shoe is the upper. The upper should be durable and rigid without adding too much weight. It should be able to support abrasion on the court. This can be used to keep a user’s feet from hurting while moving around on a court. Of course, this will work out very well if the user has enough space for his toes inside the shoe. A good shoe will have enough space for secure toe movements.

The midsole should have a useful insert; The insert in mens tennis shoes are also important to see. A good insert will have a soft and comfortable cushion to it. This cushion should be able to absorb shocks. It should also handle different levels of pressure based on how much weight is put down on the insert at a given time. These two features can be used with the comfort of the user in mind.

The outsole needs to be strong; Also, the outsole on the shoe will have to work with a strong build. This means that it cannot tear apart over time. A good outsole will feature a nice rubber build. It should also have curved to the natural curves of a man’s foot. An outsole like this will not only be comfortable for a man but also able to last for a long period of time. This can easily extend the life of a tennis shoe by a long time.

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When it comes to cleaning mens tennis shoes, there are several steps that men should do. Inspect the soles of your shoes for gum, dirt, or other objects picked up in your travels. Use the tine of a fork to remove these items. Look at the sides of the soles of your tennis shoes to check for ground in dirt. If there is quite a bit of dirt, use an old toothbrush and brush back and forth until most of it is removed. If necessary, put a little dish-washing detergent on the bristles of the toothbrush. Loosen the shoelaces and lift the tongue of the shoe to expose as much of the inside as possible. Put the shoes into the washing machine with similarly colored clothing. Add a scoop of Oxi Clean, your normal detergent, and fabric softener. Set your washing machine on the normal settings that you would use for the color of clothing placed in the load with the tennis shoes. Remove the shoes when the cycle is complete. Inspect the shoes for any remaining dirty spots. If you find some areas that are not as clean as you would like, repeat step one. If you repeat step one, rinse the dish soap off before continuing. Open the shoes up by lifting the tongue and loosening the laces to expose as much of the inside of the shoe as possible. Place the shoes under a fan for several hours, possibly even overnight. Don’t forget to turn the fan on medium speed. Tighten your laces up and put the tongue back down where it belongs. These were some information about mens tennis shoes. After all, tennis shoes are actually one of the inexpensive shoes because they keep your feet happy and free of any injury.  Now, go ahead buy the best shoes and enjoy your game.