Men’s Suit Styles

Men’s suits have a meaning and pride when it places to a man’s wardrobe. There are hundreds of designers that dictate the trends and current fashions in menswear. However, these apparels are available in a wide variety of styles. There are four basic men suit styles: American, Italian, English and Mandarin. Designers dissect the basic styles and then combine different aspects from each to create a variation to present to the public as the most fashionable clothing statement. Essentially, all suits fit into one of the principal categories.

The English Style

Here’s the first men suit styles; the English or British style. English or British suits are made with classic British elegance, style and formality. This style of suit is suitable for formal occasions, interviews, and the office. The traditional British style jacket consists of 3 buttons, medium sized lapels and 3 outside pockets. It will have 2 side vents and padded shoulders. Waists will be streamlined with one flap pocket on each side. Pants will be pleated or double pleated with a quarter inch cuff at the bottom. Cuffs should always have a slight break at the dress shoes. Proper tailoring can give this suit a formidable authoritative look. Wearing a pinstripe model can add more power to your look.

The American Style

American style is the most versatile and can be used in any setting. American suits traditionally have two buttons, medium-sized lapels and three outside flap pockets paired with un-cuffed, flat-front pants. The jackets are of single vent design with natural shoulders, while the pants are angled to present a natural break at the shoes. American suits are ideal for gentlemen with prominent chests, due to the v-shaped styling of the jacket that accentuates the pectorals. The pants are of a lean cut, showing the suit wearer’s fitness.

Italian Style

Italian styles are also referred to as European suits throughout the fashion industry. A standard Italian suit is double-breasted (wide, overlapping front flaps with a double row of parallel buttons), large-sized lapels and slit pockets. The jacket shoulders are often lightly padded to add bulk while leaving the impression of natural stature. The pants have pleated fronts with button pockets in the back and slit pockets in the front, plus cuffs at the shoe. Italian suits look best on tall, lean builds but can be worn by all types. It was believed that short, stocky men were unable to successfully wear an Italian suit to its best advantage, but tailors have discovered that a simple adjustment to the buttons will modify the suit to fit properly and present the desired appearance.

Mandarin Style

Mandarin style are unique in design and reflect Eastern cultures. The most noticeable part of the Mandarin suit is the collar, which is shorter than the collar on the American or British suit. The buttons on the Mandarin suit jacket are also different from other business suits; instead of two or three buttons, the jacket has buttons that go all the way to the collar. It’s best not to wear a tie with this type of suit, but men can add a pocket square for a splash of color.

These were some men suit styles. Every man should own at least one nice suit. Whether you only need one just for weddings and funerals, or are working in an industry that still requires business attire, suits make people take you seriously. So, you must choose the right style for you for any occasion.