Men’s Skinny Jeans

Jeans which are super slim and skinny are a hot trend at present for the guys who are fashion-forward. In the past decades, the men’s skinny jeans have been principal and essential part of the wardrobe depicting a rock and roll look. The men’s skinny jeans started gaining importance after the 1950’s. It was adopted by the trendiest men of rock n roll among which are Mick Jagger. It gained popularity due to country music stars opting for it. Elvis Presley shocked the country by wearing the slim-fitting jeans. In the 1960’s, rock bands such as The Beatles and also The Rolling Stones wore them. Skinny jeans gained prominence in the 1970’s fashion scene. Male musical icons of the countries of the USA and Europe wore these skinny tight jeans in the late 70’s with the rise of punk. The jeans became the symbol of punk heroes and bands such as The Ramones and The Clash, The Sex Pistols and The Stooges. Mens skinny jeans, as the name suggests, are the type of jeans which follow the line of the lower part of your body, in order to form a perfect fit against your legs. There are, however, several differences between skinny jeans for men and for women, and the major ones would be: the loose part around the crotch and the waist area, and of course – the color of the jeans. It may come to you as a surprise, but most men who wear these jeans describe them as extremely comfortable and enjoyable to wear, contrary to the opinion of masses.

These jeans can be of any color of denim, and they are tapered on the bottom leaving them tight around the ankles; they are usually tight and maybe cut low at the waist. Men’s styles usually have either a zipper fly or a button fly. They are typically a five pocket jean, with two back pockets and two front pockets and small pocket above the right front pocket mostly for decoration but may be used for change. You can find styles that come with different stitching details and may have either double stitching or single stitching up and down the sides of the pants. A favored color for mens skinny jeans is black, and they are worn usually with thick leather belts and can be worn with a t-shirt or collared shirt, usually the t-shirt is the choice. If you are a man who want to know how to wear a skinny jeans, then here are some tips for you. First tips, you must have the right personality. You don’t have to be an actual rock star, but if you are a happy accountant who loves his preppie wardrobe, the minute you put on skinny jeans you might look like an unhappy undercover FBI agent. Unless you will be comfortable wearing them, don’t do it. Second tip, skinny jeans are the ultimate wardrobe essential for casual occasions. As such a versatile item, they look great thrown together with pretty much anything. For a striking look, choose a T-shirt with a graphic image or words printed on it. Add funky accessories like a leather belt and vintage look trainers or a pair of leather shoes. For a slouchy look wear a snood or scarf. Top off the look with an edgy leather jacket if you find it’s cold outside, or just reach for your trusty knitted jumper or cardigan again. Scottish or Nordic woolen jumpers look fantastic paired with skinny jeans. Then for work, style your jeans with a smart-casual checked shirt or polo shirt. These are comfortable choices that add a touch of professionalism to your look. Instead of trainers, wear a pair of leather brogue-style shoes. For chillier weather, throw on a knitted cardigan or jumper for a modern retro look that will score many cool points. You can also substitute the cardigan with a blazer for a more sophisticated look. You’d be surprised how good it looks teamed with a pair of jeans. Also, these men’s skinny jeans are great for evening outfit. While you won’t get away with wearing jeans to a formal occasion, you can still wear them to most bars, clubs and other social hotspots like art galleries. Team a pair of mens skinny jeans with a crisp, long-sleeved classic shirt and accessorise with a bow tie. Invest in a smart blazer to throw on, and a pair of patent shoes. The look is sexy and adheres well to the modern geek chic trend. Knowing how to wear these type of jeans is essential. Everything will be useless, no matter how expensive it may be, and how perfect the fitting is, when the one who wears it does not know how to accessorize with them. Making the wrong choice in your accessories could destroy the total image, regardless of the cost. In wearing narrow denims or any other attire, you must portray confidence. Try to imagine that you are one of your idols wearing it. What you feel inside affects your whole aura.

Purchasing this style of jean can be accomplished by visiting most any men’s apparel store that caters to the young hip set. A lot of department stores will carry them as well. Shopping online is also an option. Typically the cost will be comparable to that of any other style of jeans, though the sizing might be a little different and there may be a need to go up one size because of the tight fit and narrow cut. Buying them may prove to be a problem if purchased online for fitting reasons. It may be a better option to purchase a pair from a store where trying on the jeans may be a better option. Online purchasing often gives better prices than what you could find locally as well as larger diversity. Additionally it is more convenient as you can shop from the comfort of your own home. After all, not only will skinny jeans give you console in wearing it, you will also feel sexy. Mens skinny jeans are apparently not for every guy. You need to feel very comfortable with your body and have certainty in yourself if you plan on sporting them. Skinny jeans can look trendy and cool on the right male. They are trendy and geared at the young hip crowd that lives on the edge of fashion trends. They are a fun way to wear jeans and look great in casual situations.