Men’s Skin Care

Skin is one of the most important organs of the human body. It is the first thing people see when they look at you, and also your first line of defense against the elements. Almost everything you do affects the health of your skin. Keeping it healthy and clean will help prevent wrinkles, acne, razor burn and sagging. Just like women, men need to have a proper skin care routine to maintain a healthy skin. Mens skin care shares many of the basic principles which underlie female skin care. For example, satisfying the basic needs of cleanliness and moisturizing go a long way for both sexes. However, there are many subtle differences between male and female skin which can have significant effects on their most ideal products. Many of these differences are simply physiological. For instance, the skin of the average man is considered to be at least 20% thicker than that of the average female. Also, men have more resilient collagen and elastin levels. These proteins are responsible for allowing the skin to maintain its shape. With their degeneration, the epidermis begins to adopt more wrinkles and lose its smoothness.

And here are several tips about mens skin care :


Cleansing is the first step in any skin care routine, and of course, also in mens skin care. It is also probably the most important favor that you can do to your face. But take note that cleaning doesn’t mean washing your face with a regular bath soap. Using a bath soap in cleaning your face could leave your skin dryer than the Sahara desert. There are a plethora of products available in the market today that caters for men’s skin. You don’t have to buy the high end chichi cleansers out there. Just choose an alcohol free cleanser specially formulated for men to keep your sebum and comedones at bay. Your skin would thank you for it.


Shaving can damage the skin and cause bumps and ingrown hairs. Shaving creams can prepare the skin and hair by bringing the hair to the surface. Shaving creams also make the skin smoother so that the razor blade glides more gently over the skin, thus preventing rashes and razor burn. Aftershave provides an antiseptic to the area to cleanse the pores and guard against bumps and other problem skin.

Sun Protection

The sun can cause a significant amount of damage to skin. Overexposure to the sun can cause skin cancer, dry skin, and hyperpigmentation, as well as damage the elastin which helps keep skin taut. Wear a wide brimmed hat and plenty of sunscreen before spending long periods of time in the sun, particularly if you regularly work outdoors. Sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and high quantities of vitamin E is recommended, as it will protect the skin and help repair damaged elastin.

Diet & Health

Eating a balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables and water will help keep your skin fresh and vibrant. Fruits and veggies are filled with natural antioxidants that help blood and oxygen circulate to your skin cells, giving you a fresher appearance, removing toxins from your skin and helping to flush them away. Always wear SPF sunscreen, if you are outside consistently. The sun can do major damage to your skin and cause sunspots, sunburn and skin cancer. Proper SPF will protect your skin from sun damage and help fight against other harmful elements.

These were several tips about mens skin care. Men usually do not think of skin care other than shaving. Daily skin care can prevent skin problems such as acne, blackheads and even skin cancer. Skin care is essential in both men and women because your skin is your body’s largest organ and can protect against disease. After all, taking care of your skin as a man is not overrated, if nothing else you will look youthful through your years. Start with this new routine now and begin slowly implementing these changes, this will allow you to slowly acclimate and keep the healthy changes. Mens skin care is what you need to keep looking your best for good.