Men’s Shawl Collar Cardigan

Men’s shawl collar cardigan are the perfect addition and can add definition yet flare to any outfit. A shawl collar on a cardigan is very cozy. The collar can be turned up against the wind to protect the back of the neck. Basically, a shawl collar is a collar and button band knitted as one piece, and the back of the collar is made wider by using short rows. They can provide a layer of warmth while keeping you looking sophisticated, fashionable and stylish. It is great for winter and early spring months.

For men, shawl collar cardigan is a must have! Although not always a popular choice among men, the look can be done. Men’s shawl collar cardigans are among the fall and winter selections at retailers like Banana Republic and J.Crew for both men and women. Men should keep the shawl collar cardigans reserved for business casual offices and the weekend. Since the cardigan boasts a collar, a long sleeved T-shirt or lightweight v-neck sweater work well, along with khakis or twill trousers and loafers or boots. This cardigan is not definitely for a guy who wears old jeans and old t-shirt everyday. They won’t go for it. It can be nice  for the more fashion-minded guy, however. 🙂

Men’s shawl collar cardigan is timeless, simple but elegant. There are so many benefit when it comes to these shawl collar cardigans, and one of them like the shawl-collar cardigan is more comfortable and functional than a jacket around the house and more stylish than a normal cardigan. With shawl collar cardigan, men can get more option in choosing outfits during winter and spring.

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