Men’s Rockabilly Clothing

Rockabilly; a cultural craze which began in the 1950s and pairs rhythm and blues with the stylings of country music, still has many fans today. Rockabilly style is also one of the most popular among men. Rockabilly is a term used to refer to anything retro. Mens rockabilly clothing usually refers to vintage items from the 1950’s, and anything else that has that 1950’s appeal. “Rockabilly” does not just refer to a style of clothing, but more of a “lifestyle.” Artists like Elvis, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry personify the rockabilly sound and look, and helped make the movement popular.

Perhaps the most recognizable fashion style of the mens rockabilly clothing era was the cuffed-jean look. Creating this look is as simple as it sounds: Simply find a pair of jeans that are a too long for you and roll up the legs, creating big cuffs. The Vintage Fashion Guild says the style of cuffed-jean was borne out of necessity, with teens simply wearing hand-me-downs that didn’t fit quite right. According to the guild, the cuffed-jean look remains a staple of rockabilly fashion to this day. Another mainstay of the rockabilly era came in the form of wild colors or patterns to defy the straight-laced norms of the 1950s. These styles are easily recreated today. Men can wear pink or two-toned shirts or ones with novelty prints. Look in thrift stores and retro stores to pick up these jackets. Another staple of mens rockabilly clothing was the leather jacket, which can still convey a rockabilly style today. Back at the height of the rockabilly scene in the 1950s, leather jackets served as an everyday part of the wardrobe, paired with jeans and engineer boots, according to the Vintage Fashion Guild. Though leather jackets have become more commonplace today, they are still a must for anyone trying to pull together a rockabilly ensemble.

Mens rockabilly clothing can be mixed and matched with other clothing styles to suit personal tastes. Psychobilly is both a music genre and fashion style that mixes rockabilly aesthetics with punk overtones, and gothabilly is a fusion of goth and rockabilly. Both of these fashion subgenres embrace the basic shapes and styles prominent in rockabilly clothing but with a darker, edgier feeling imparted through fabric choices, such as velvet or lace, and prints that may include skulls, flames or Sailor Jerry style tattoo art. There’s one thing you can be certain of and that is that Rockabilly clothes can be seen in high street fashion, designer fashion and alternative fashion, it is growing from a small sub culture to a monstrous culture unto itself. The music is gaining a much larger audience with pop stars taking on the style and bringing it to life in their sound and that is the present and the future for this 50s style. After all, dressing rockabilly is part of living the rockabilly lifestyle. You love Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Brian Setzer, and Dick Dale. You are unique and stand out in a crowd. You are rockabilly.