Men’s Overcoats

Coats are the most important type of clothing, that are considered as wardrobe must have for men.  Coats are not essential elements of a man’s wardrobe, but they can give a touch of sophistication and style, either at work or on casual occasions. There are various types of coats like the morning coats, lounge coats, dinner jacket, tailcoats, frock coats, etc.  At the start of the 19th century, coats were distinguished by two categories, namely undercoats and overcoats. While undercoat has now become an archaic term, the clothes that are worn as an outermost garment by both men and women are still termed as overcoats. Typical overcoats extend below the knees and they are mostly confused with topcoats, which is a totally different type of clothing. Whatever your outfit, whether jeans and a sweater or a sleek three-piece suit, topping things off with a basic mens overcoat will keep you warm every day of the week.

The need for a mens overcoat is perhaps fashion more than function, but if you have it in your mind you want one, make sure you get it fitted just like anything else in your wardrobe. And here’s a few tips for you: wear something you will be wearing underneath your overcoat for proper fitting either a suit or sport coat. Make sure you have plenty of room around the shoulders so that you will be able to sit in a car and reach forward comfortably to grasp the steering wheel without binding. An overcoat is designed to keep your trunk and legs warm even more than your upper body, especially on a cold car seat or walking to and from your transportation in winter.  Then, have the sleeves cover the wrist and end where the hand begins. If wearing a suit jacket underneath, have the coat sleeves reach 1 -inch past the end of the jacket sleeves. You need to select a double-breasted style for a more professional look. Single-breasted overcoats are generally made for smaller men because a double-breasted overcoat may have too much fabric for a smaller body type. And also,button all the buttons on the overcoat, except the bottom ones. This will prevent any awkward pulling and allow some additional room to move when wearing the jacket. Don’t forget Secure the belt around your waist. If the overcoat comes with a belt, do not leave it hanging down the sides. For last touch, add a scarf around your neck before putting the overcoat on during especially cold or windy days.

Men’s clothing stores, online clothing stores or retailers are some of the best sources that you have to get the best men overcoats. Always keep an eye on the tag of the mens overcoat that you are trying for yourself. The tag not only holds the price of that coat but it also gives you information about its durability of that fabric and made of that material. And remember that conservative style overcoats are easier on your pocket and hence if you really want to have an overcoat and have a tight budget, then opt for conservative style.