Men’s Linen Suits

Wearing a linen suit exemplifies a sharp look for the warmer months, or anytime you want to look cool without getting hot. Linen suits are lint free because the fabric is smooth and amazingly, they get softer the more they are washed. They wrinkle easily because they have poor elasticity and can not spring back readily. Mens linen suits have been around for quite awhile now,  and these linen suits are very popular because they are good conductors of heat and very absorbent. The linen suit for men is typically more casual than a regular business suit, making it an ideal choice for an evening out on the town, a cocktail party or even a daytime wedding.

Linen suits are light and resist moisture which makes them perfect for men who sweat alot. Also, mens linen suits should be neutral in color. For men, wear your linen suits with cotton shirts so that there is a contrast in fabric and appearance. Linen suits are notoriously easy to wear and mix and match. You have the options to go with a muted palette or go bold and bright. One of our favorite looks of the summer season is a dark navy linen suit, a lightweight micro-check button up in light blue and white and boat shoes without socks. It exudes a calm confidence and a cool ease and is appropriate for any summer day or night.

When purchasing a linen suit, keep in mind what you will be wearing with the suit. Brown belts and shoes will look better with suits that are brown toned, black shoes and belts better with gray tones and whites. Caring these mens linen suits by washing it and air drying it. There’s no need for dry cleaning, but linen should never go in the dryer no matter what. It will immediately damage the shape and fit of your suit. Air dry linen and iron it while it is still damp to prevent any burning of the fabric.