Men’s Leg Tattoos

Tattoos can be a permanent embodiment of ideas and people that are important to the man who gets them. There are a myrad of tattoos available for men to express themselves on their body while avoiding the common cliches of modern tattooing. Many tattoos can be found on locations on men body. And one of the most common locations for men’s tattoo is leg. Legs can be an ideal placement for tattoos, because they have large, relatively flat areas capable of housing extremely detailed work, and you can easily cover them for professional or other purposes. The primary spots for leg tattoos for men are the thighs and calves, because of their large surface areas, but tattoos on the knees and ankle joints can also have significant meaning. From the hip to the ankle, there are multiple spots on a leg ideal for a variety of tattoo styles and sizes. Traditional tattoos are done in black and gray shades, but you can choose to incorporate different colors if you want them to have a more vibrant quality.

For the ideas, there are so many ideas of leg tattoos for men. Men can try get a band tattoo designs in his leg. A band tattoo is a design that wraps partially or completely around a portion of your body, such as an arm or leg. For a leg band consider wrapping it around either the top or bottom portion of your calf so it is more visible than the thigh but still easily covered by pants. There are a variety of types to choose from; tribal, Celtic knots, flames, barbed wire or even script consisting of one word or a full sentence.

Portrait tattoos are lifelike renderings that can memorialize or pay homage to family members, loved ones and other heroes. They can be extremely detailed and usually require a large, flat surface to display adequately. Depending on leg size, the outer thigh is usually an ideal spot for a portrait tattoo. This is an extremely difficult style of tattoo and should only be done by a very skilled and experienced hand. Always check an artist’s portfolio before employing him to do a portrait tattoo.

Vertical script is a style of tattoo that reads top to bottom instead of left to right. The ideal vertical script is only one word since space is somewhat limited and breaks between words can be difficult to see vertically. Choose a script that does not require each letter to flow into one another; calligraphy and graffiti script are sometimes difficult to read vertically since the letters are typically designed to flow together. Instead think of one word are sums you up and choose a simpler font going down any portion of your leg; thigh, calf or shin.

And for knee-ankle tattoo; A tattooed anklet can be a charm bracelet with each charm carrying its own significant meaning, such as family member initials, religious idols and other symbols. Athletes may wish to tattoo birds on their knees as a sign of swiftness. Any tattoo covering a joint must be vigilantly cared for, even more so than a regular tattoo. That is because the skin in those areas is constantly expanding and contracting due to body movement. These tattoos can require up to two weeks to heal completely. Apart from a few designs above, you can browse through more designs of leg tattoos for men from the Internet or check out the catalogs in tattoo studios. Always remember that you are going to get a permanent imprint on your body and so think and analyze on the fact that the tattoo must suit your look and your personality.