Men’s Duffle Coats

If you are a man who fan of the preppy look, then you should definitely have a duffle coat in your wardrobe. The origin of the duffle coat is usually traced to World War I. Sailors in the British navy wore the coat during the war. The duffle coat is the ancestor of the modern coat worn by British sailors. The coat is made from very heavy wool cloth and lined with plaid wool. The main characteristic of a duffle coat is the toggle fastenings. The coat is sometimes referred as a toggle coat because of these fastenings. It is a knee-length coat and is usually made of wool fleece. For men, in Fall/Winter season, these coats can be one of your fave coats to wear. Mens duffle coat is absolutely stylish and one of the most popular type of coats for winter season.

Mens duffle coat usually worn alone over clothing without an additional jacket. Lined and insulated with additional fabric, the duffle coat is still a warm winter coat. A duffle down coat provides extra warmth, due to the extra downy material. Men can wear a duffle coat with a pair of jeans and boots. They also can wear a duffle coat with a cashmere scarf. Although internationally fashionable, the duffel coat is perhaps most popular in Europe. A staple in many British men’s wardrobes, this coat has several characteristic features. A traditional duffel wool usually has a checkered pattern, a large hood with a buttoned neck strap, four wooden or bone toggles and two large pockets. It’s typically hemmed to a length that hits just above the knee.

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To purchase mens duffle coat, you can find it at some local stores or if not, you can buy it through online stores/retailers(check out some products above). With so many trendy styles of winter coats, a duffle coat can be your best bet in winter, it will not be difficult to find one that suits and look good on you.