Men’s Compression Shorts

Today, a lot of male athletes are seen sporting compression shorts. Compression shorts are a kind of underwear often worn by men under other athletic gear and in place of boxer briefs. They can also be outerwear. Like sports bras for women, mens compression shorts keep them from experiencing the effects of too much movement during athletic activity.

Adidas Men’s 7″ Prep Compression Shorts

Reebok Men’s 7″ Vented Compression Short

Under Armour Men’s Warp Printed Compression Shorts


Mens compression shorts are made from a blend of nylon and Lycra, making them durable, comfortable and malleable. Some compression shorts also feature wicking material, which wicks moisture away from the body. This keeps you dry and reduces the potential for chafing. Compression shorts also present support for the waist, the thigh and the groin when engaging in physical activity and exercise.  Additionally, the shorts (which typically extend from the waist to mid- or low-thigh) provide warmth to the muscles, protecting them from stress and strain. They also provide protection from chafing and rashes, which can be both painful and detrimental to athletic performance.

Black Aloha Compression Shorts

Warrior Compression Shorts



Mens compression shorts should fit snugly but should not be too tight, enabling an athlete to move freely. In a well-fitting pair of compression shorts, a gap will form between the thigh and groin area. If more support is desired, look for compression shorts with a higher percentage of Lycra. So, if you’re an aspiring athlete or sportsman, you may well want to head to the nearest sports store and buy yourself a pair.