Men’s Cardigans

Cardigan are fashion accessories that can add a classic or trendy touch to your career or casual wardrobe. Whether you are wearing one to work or wearing one to go out, you can style yours so you look more modern than matronly. For men, cardigans can be alternative option besides jacket or jumper. Mens cardigans are versatile for every occasions.

For semi-formal occasions: Wear a clean cardigan free of wrinkles with a pair of ironed khaki pants and polished dress shoes. Button the cardigan to the neck to differentiate the look from the partially buttoned style popular with women. Choose a v-neck cardigan made from a high quality material, such as cashmere, for added formality. For work; Men’s cardigans for work would be great with a dress shirt, a pair of dress pants, a tie and a pair of leather shoes. For night out; Try a colorful or patterned cardigan beneath a sport coat for a night out at your favorite bar or club. A cardigan can add a touch of historical class to your evening loungewear. A striped cardigan paired with loafers, slacks and a sport jacket invokes a classic, preppy look reminiscent of the billiard halls and urban cafes of the mid to early 20th century.

You can also layering with a cashmere cardigan is a stylish way to stay warm when the temperature drops. It’s also easier to pull on and off than a pullover sweater. A wool shawl cardigan layered over a flannel shirt is another fashionable way to add warmth. Add accessories like leather gloves to further customize this look. Also, consider rolling up your cardigan sleeves to show off your shirt cuffs. Men’s cardigans are great, trendy, classic, and definitely comfortable to wear.

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