Mantilla Veils

A mantilla veil is a classic addition to a bride’s gown and overall wedding motif. A bridal mantilla veil is a beautiful veil worn for a traditional Spanish wedding. Mantilla veils are traditionally made of Chantilly lace and sit high on the head of a bride. The elegance of a floor-length mantilla veil may be desirable for a church wedding ceremony or formal reception, whereas an elbow-length mantilla is appropriate for a less-formal affair. Mantilla veils are circular in shape, draping over the top of the head and falling against the shoulders and back.

Mantilla veils are worn by Catholic women for religious devotional practices. Some orthodox Catholic churches require that women wear a veil in the sanctuary, so mantilla veils are worn for attendance at mass and other sacraments. In the Roman Catholic tradition and other Protestant traditions, mantilla veils are worn by young girls making their First Communion. Cathedral veils, which are more elaborate, are typically reserved for marriage ceremonies. There are three types of mantilla veil, each distinguished by a different kind of lace fabric or motif. The blonda lace variety is made from two types of silk, usually with a floral motif. Chantilly lace mantillas are heavily embroidered with fruit, flowers, and even vegetable designs. Brides tend to wear mantillas made from tulle that are embroidered with lace motifs. And also, only two colors of mantilla are readily available and it is white and black. White is reserved for single women, while black is worn by married women. A bride usually wears white on her wedding day.

MarisolAparicio- Chrisantha – Lace edge Mantilla Veil
MarisolAparicioLiliana – Traditional Lace Edge Veil


Sibodesigns – Mantilla Veil – 40″ Length Lace Veil – Everlasting Love
Sibodesigns – Mantilla Veil, Chapel Length, Lace Veil – Everlasting Love
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Modern brides have been charmed by the graceful, romantic look of the veil and it’s become a popular choice in bridal parlors. All mantillas are secured with at least one comb, but not all of the veils are made the same. It’s important to understand about how to attach the mantilla veil to ensure that the veils remains in place for the entire wedding day. Firstly, finish styling you hair before attaching the mantilla veil. Once the veil is attached, changing your hairstyle will be difficult. Slide the decorative mantilla comb, called a peineta, as close to you head as possible. On an up-do, it should sit between your head and the rest of your hair, with the decorative top of the comb just visible on top of your head. Attach mantilla with invisible combs about 4 inches back from your hairline, ensuring that the combs are flush against your scalp. Drape the veil over your hair and peineta (semicircular comb), but if you just want to use it without peineta then you must go for hair down wedding style.