Mandee Dresses

If you have a plan to buy some dresses, then Mandee dresses could be your options. Mandee offers a wide choice of clothes and footwear for girls and women. Mandee was founded in 1948 in Bergen-Passaic, NJ by the Mandelbaum brothers. Located at the Eastern section of the East Meadow Shopping Cente, Mandee is a women’s clothing shop that sells a variety of clothing items, shoes and accessories. The company has more than 120 stores located in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  There are many different special offers throughout the year.  The company also sells its goods through its e-commerce site and provides store credit cards.

Mandee Dresses Products


Mandee Dresses are great for every occasion. Mandee is a chain store that has been operating for more than 15 years. They also provides so many choices products besides the dresses.  For more details, you should visit their official website at (

And, if you want to see their latest product, you can check it on the video below.

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